Judicial Watch: 'The FBI is Threatening the President of the United States'

Michael W. Chapman | February 1, 2018 | 3:58pm EST
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Lou Dobbs and Chris
Farrell. (YouTube)

As leading congressional Democrats and certain FBI officials urge President Donald Trump not to release an intelligence memo about alleged FBI malfeasance in the 2016 election, Judicial Watch Director of Research and Intelligence Chris Farrell said, "the FBI is threatening the president of the United States" and "betraying their oath to the Constitution."

Farrell added that the FBI's "criminality" is not isolated to headquarters in Washington, D.C. but is present in many field offices across the country. He specifically cited the office in El Paso, Texas where, he said, "there's all sorts of abuse by surveillance, of mail cover, of telephone taps [and] of intercepts."

On Lou Dobbs Tonight, Jan. 31, Dobbs asked Farrell why the FBI is suddenly so gung-ho about preventing the release of a memo prepared by the House Intelligence Committee based on FBI and Justice Department documents.

Farrell said, "Let me boil it down, real simple: The FBI is threatening the president of the United States. First of all, they’ve tried to put him in a corner and say, ‘Hey, look, we really don’t want you revealing all the criminality now that’s going on in the organization."

"So they brokered a meeting with the chief of staff, who’s the wrong person to meet with, first of all," said Farrell. "Then, secondly, after this supposed negotiation where the White House gave up its power, gave up its position of authority…. They [FBI] try to intimidate to cover up for their criminality. Then, when they’re all done, they still come out with a statement [on Jan. 31] – when was the last time the FBI came out with a statement on anything, Lou?"

President Donald Trump, ex-FBI Director James Comey and ex-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.
(AP screenshot YouTube)

Dobbs replied. “That’s a great point because I still haven’t seen the [full] Benghazi report, we can go through the list. The FBI has been a place where truth goes to die. They are primarily used to cover up [stuff] – it’s under investigation, we can’t answer your questions, we’ll never see you again, thank you very much."

Chris Farrell continued, "When the American public learns what’s going on at the [FBI] headquarters -- let me tell you something, there’s FBI agents or agencies field offices all over the country where similar shenanigans are going on. I’ll point the finger directly at El Paso, Texas. There’s all sorts of abuse of surveillance, of mail cover, of telephone tap, of intercepts. This, unfortunately –”

"Of U.S. citizens?" said Dobbs.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller. (YouTube)

“Correct, correct, things I have personally reported to the Inspector General at the Justice Department," said Farrell.  "They know this stuff. This is the worst-kept secret in the country. They’re terrified. They’re embarrassed, and they’re frantic."

"That’s why you see them issuing this statement," he said, "which attempts to undercut the actions of the chief executive of the United States."

Dobbs interjected, "This is getting to be so ignorant and disrespectful of lawful authority, that is, namely, the head of government, President Donald J. Trump. I can’t believe it’s being tolerated. Where the Hell is the attorney general? Why are they letting this happen?"


"The President of the United States has signature authority to release anything he wants to," said Farrell.  "If he believes in this document and wants it out, why play these weird little patty-cake games with five so-called experts [at the FBI]? The reason why is because they’re afraid or concerned that the FBI’s going to push back hard, or further collaborate with people like [Special Counsel Robert] Mueller to try to attack the legitimacy of this presidency."

"This is another grave threat," he said,  "not just on Mr. Trump personally but it’s a threat on the Constitution. He can’t let this stuff go on.” 


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