Iowa Gov. Signs Law Banning Mask Mandates in Public Schools

By Michael W. Chapman | May 20, 2021 | 4:13pm EDT
Iowa's Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds.  (Getty Images)
Iowa's Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds. (Getty Images)

On Wednesday, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, a Republican, signed a bill into law that prohibits the public schools from imposing mask mandates on their students.

“The state of Iowa is putting parents back in control of their child’s education and taking greater steps to protect the rights of all Iowans to make their own health care decisions,” Reynolds said, as reported by the Des Moines Register.

“I am proud to be a governor of a state that values personal responsibility and individual liberties," she added. "I want to thank the Iowa Legislature for their quick work in bringing this bill to my desk so that it can be signed into law.”

The legislation passed the House 53-35 and the Senate 29-17 on Wednesday. The law goes into effect immediately.

State Rep. Dustin Hite (R) said, "This amendment comes from the citizens of Iowa. They come from my constituents, from your constituents -- I've lost count of the number of emails, the number of messages, all of that, that I have received on the topic."

State Rep. Steven Holt (R) said, "This is about freedom. This is about liberty," he said. "In my district alone, numerous parents have had enough."

Democrat State Rep. Eric Gjerde was disappointed in the new law. "Masks make sense right now in schools because the majority of students in Iowa's schools have not been doubly vaccinated," he said. "One hundred percent of students in elementary schools have not been vaccinated."

h/t Des Moines Register

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