Illegal Alien Alleged Serial Killer Caught in Miami, Florida

By Michael W. Chapman | August 8, 2018 | 4:29pm EDT
Juan Carlos Hernandez-Caseres, an
illegal alien charged with 
murdering two women in
Miami, Fla. (Miami Herald)

Although the liberal media are ignoring the case, an illegal alien from Honduras was recently arrested in Miami, Fla., and charged with the murder of two women. When apprehended by Miami-Dade police, the suspect, Juan Carlos Hernandez-Caseres, 37, "confessed to both murders," reported the Miami Herald

Hernandez-Caseres has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder. The victims were Ann Farrin, 41, and Neidy Roche, 39, both of whom were prostitutes, according to the police.

Hernandez-Caseres picked up Farrin in his car for sex on June 13 "but sometime during intercourse he became 'enraged' and punched her in the throat and neck," he told the police, as reported in the Herald

In surveillance camera footage at Northwest 38th and Northwest 37th street, Hernandez-Caseres's dark, four-door car is seen pulling to the side of the road, the driver gets out and opens the passenger door, and then the driver pulls a body out and dumps it on the street. That apparently was the body of Ann Farrin.

In another incident on March 2, Roche's body was found dumped on the street. She had "suffered head trauma," reported the Herald.

In this case, "Video surveillance taken from a neighbor across the street showed a man police believe to be Hernandez-Caseres getting in and out of a dark, older model, four-door car near the scene where Roche was found," reported the Herald.  "Police said she was a homeless prostitute. In May, the Miami-Dade Medical Examiner determined that Roche had been strangled and battered."

Source: Miami-Dade Police Department. 

The police used cell-phone pinging technology and DNA from a Coca-Cola can to place Hernandez-Caseres near the scene of the crimes. DNA from Hernandez-Caseres was discovered on the neck and left hand of one of the victims. 

ICE spokesman Nestor Yglesias said that Hernandez-Caseres was an "illegally present Honduran national," and that ICE had placed an immigration detainer on him.

The Farrin family sent a statement to the Miami Herald, which partly reads, Ann Farrin "is a daughter, a niece, and a mother who was loved. We are saddened to learn of what happened and disgusted to know this man had no regard for her life and dumped her on the side of the road the way he did. Regardless of the lifestyle she chose she didn't deserve that and hope he is put away so he cannot harm anyone else."

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