Google Designer on GOP: 'F**K YOU ALL TO HELL'

Michael W. Chapman
By Michael W. Chapman | October 10, 2018 | 12:43 PM EDT

Dave Hogue, design lead
at Google. (LinkedIn)

On Saturday, Oct. 6, when it was clear that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh would be confirmed by the U.S. Senate -- where Republicans hold a 51-to-49 majority over the Democrats -- Google Design Lead Dave Hogue took to Twitter to vent his rage, railing that "you are finished, @GOP" and "F**K. YOU. ALL. TO. HELL."

In full, Hogue tweeted, "You are finished, @GOP. You polished the final nail for your own coffins. F**K. YOU. ALL. TO. HELL.  I hope the last images burned into your slimy, evil, treasonous retinas are millions of women laughing and clapping and celebrating as your souls descend into the flames."

(Twitter screenshot.)

It appears that Hogue may not be cognizant of the "advice and consent" role of the U.S. Senate in confirming federal judges, but he is well-versed in hateful and divisive speech.

Not surprisingly, after his loathsome tweet went viral, Hogue pulled it.

On Sunday, Oct. 7, he tweeted, "Yes, I deleted that tweet.... Yes, I should have been more eloquent and less condemning. Yes, I still believe the @GOP is wrong and not serving your best interests."

(Twitter screenshot.)

Hogue, of course, did not apologize for his vile remarks or take his comments back. He just said he should have been more "eloquent and less condemning."

One can only imagine what this tolerant, compassionate Google design lead says at the office.

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Michael W. Chapman
Michael W. Chapman
Michael W. Chapman