Former Rep. Paul Broun: PC and 'Homosexual Rights Agenda' Are Destroying the Family

By Michael W. Chapman | September 20, 2016 | 2:18pm EDT

Former Rep. Paul Broun (R-Ga.) (AP) 

Former Representative Paul Broun (R-Ga.), who served in Congress for eight years (2007-2015), said Christians and the churches in America have a duty to help shape public policy at all levels in accordance with God's laws, but added that God will not bless this country if abortion countinues. Bround also said that the family is being destroyed through "political correctness and through the homosexual rights agenda."

Congressman Broun, who is a medical doctor, made his remarks during a Sept. 16 interview on TruNews, hosted by Rick Wiles. 

While discussing the need for Christians to be actively involved in politics, Dr. Broun said, “What’s God telling us? He’s telling us we’re to spread his light on all aspects of human endeavor, including public policy. And the church has been apathetic and it’s been impotent. We’re not being salt and light any longer and we’ve got to change that."

Bround, a Southern Baptist, went on to say, "I hear pastors talk all the time about we’ve got to have a revival in America and I say amen, amen brother. But the thing is we’ve got to have a revival in the pulpits before we can have a revival in America."

"And we’ve got to have pastors all over this country, preaching the full counsel of God as they did in the early to mid-1700s, all the way up to the Revolutionary War," said Dr. Broun. "We’ve got to have pastors being bold and speaking the truth about everything."

"We’re killing over a million babies every year through abortion in this country," he said. "God is a holy, righteous God, and He cannot and will not continue to bless this land while we’re killing all these unborn babies."

"And we’re destroying the family through all this political correctness and through the homosexual rights agenda," said Broun. 

He continued, "Now, it’s up to them, and it’s between them and God what they do. But the thing is, that’s a sin just like my sin, and we need to recognize that. But we don’t and should not promote sin from a public policy perspective."

"We’ve got to change the policy all around at the state, as well as the federal government," said Dr. Broun,  "and it’s up to the church to do so by being salt and light, what Jesus Christ expects us to be. 

Broun represented the 10th District of Georgia from July 2007 to Jan. 3, 2015. Broun, 70, is married and has three children and two grandchildren. 



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