Catholic Bishop: Gay Marriage Is ‘Repulsive’ And Will Seek ‘To Destroy Everything Christian’

Michael W. Chapman | March 8, 2016 | 4:16pm EST
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Catholic Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz,

former head of the Diocese of

Lincoln, Neb.  (Lincoln Diocese)

Commenting on the damage to society caused by homosexual “marriage,” retired U.S. Catholic Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz said such unions are “repulsive”; to paint them as a “human rights issue” is “preposterous”; and that the entire agenda persecutes Christians, and will seek “to destroy everything Christian” that opposes the gay “degeneration.”

“It is very devastating,” said the former bishop of the Diocese of Lincoln, Neb.  “I think it is surprising the power and strength of the propaganda. I can’t believe that a tiny minority of the human race would perpetuate and try to not just seek tolerance but actually seek acquiescence and support for perversion that is repulsive to the normal human beings that anyone can encounter.”

“And how we would be subjected to manipulation by the media, and by this insidious insinuation into the very fabric of our society of perversion and degredation and degeneration is astonishing,” said the bishop.

The prelate  made his remarks in an interview with LifeSiteNews Editor-in-Chief John Henry Westen.  Bruskewitz, popular with conservatives, served as the bishop for Lincoln from 1992 to 2012, at which point he retired, having reached the mandatory retirement age of 75.

Continuing his comments in reference to homosexuality, gay marriage, and the persecution of Christians,  Bishop Bruskewitz said, “I think that to say that this [homosexual marriage] somehow resonates with a human rights issue, or with racial justice or some of these other issues, is preposterous. But how it can link in the minds of manipulatable human beings, that’s the case. And if you dare to speak out, you’re a bigot.”

“Now, of course, it’s persecution as has been pointed out,” he said.  “We had bakers refuse to bake cakes for gay marriages, and as a result they’re imprisoned or fined, they have to go out of business.  We’ve seen things such as florists who don’t supply flowers, and so on.”

“I’m convinced that there’s going to be every effort made to destroy everything Christian that would in the least bit oppose this kind of degeneration,” said the bishop.

He continued, “I think there are military chaplains, those who administer the ordinariate of the military in our country, who are fearful about what is going to happen if two lesbians, who claim to be Catholic, for example, come in and insist that they be married by the Catholic chaplain and he refuses.”

(AP photo.) 

“It is entirely possible that he will be court-martialed and have to spend 40 or 50 years in Leavenworth penitentiary,” said Bishop Bruskewitz.

“So these persecutions are in the offing,” he continued.  “And I think they're not going to go away. And the minute that one tries to protest, they are denounced as a bigot, and a racist, and God knows what else sort of things are heaped upon you. So that's the danger, the danger of the persecution. So I think it's probably coming.”

“Cardinal George [former archbishop of Chicago] said it and later he sort of repented of it, but he said he was going to die in his bed,” recounted Bishop Bruskewitz.  “He said the next archbishop of Chicago will probably die in prison. And the archbishop after that will probably be put to death for the faith.”

“Whether that’s a prediction or just an ominous warning, I don’t know,” said Bishop Bruskewitz.  “It sounds horrible but, right now, given what we’ve experienced in this cultural upheavel, I don’t see that it’s that far off the mark.”

Bishop Bruskewitz was ordained a priest in 1960. He was born in Milwaukee, Wisc. The Catholic Diocese of Lincoln, Neb. Was established by Pope Leo XIII in 1887. 

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