Bozell: ‘This Is Not a Terrorist Attack. This Is An Act of War’

By Michael W. Chapman | December 3, 2015 | 4:48pm EST

MRC President Brent Bozell. 

While many liberal observers, including President Barack Obama, were ruminating over whether the mass shooting in California was “terrorist-related” or “workplace-related,” Media Research Center (MRC) President Brent Bozell, looking at the evidence available, said it was “not a terrorist attack” but “is an act of war.”

Bozell made his remarks during an interview on Fox Business Live on Thursday, after commenting on the anti-prayer bias of the liberal media.

During the conversation, host Stuart Varney asked Brent Bozell, “How about this? All morning, we have seen politicians dancing around the issue of whether it is a terror attack, a Muslim terror attack, an Islamic terror attack, or workplace violence. And I think people are sick and tired of this -- dancing around this political correctness. And I think this explains the popularity, to some degree, of Donald Trump. He just comes right out and says it. And that’s what a lot of people think.”

Bozell said, “Yes, I was listening to you and [Fox’s] Bret Baier. And you both hit it right on the head when you said that America is way beyond the president in this conversation. And what Bret Baier said, that he is so, so timid about linking terrorism to terrorism. But he has no problem whatsoever immediately linking this to gun control. And he does it immediately.”

“And what you see, unfortunately, in our president, is not a commander in chief,” said Bozell.  “You see a community organizer. And, you know, this is unfortunate because if ever America needed a commander in chief, it’s at this very moment.”

“This is not a terrorist attack, folks,” said Bozell.  “This is an act of war. We are at war with these people.” 

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