Billy Graham’s Daughter: Our Rejection of God – Abortion, Gay Marriage – Means ‘Evil Comes in Like a Flood’

By Michael W. Chapman | June 16, 2015 | 5:20pm EDT

Christian evangelist Anne Graham Lotz. 

(Correction: Anne Graham Lotz was interviewed by TruNews host Rick Wiles, not by Richard Fisher as initially cited in this blog.)

Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham, said God’s judgment on America is at the “tipping point” because of our abandonment of Israel, the killing of 60 million babies by abortion, and the legal recognition of gay marriage, all of which compels God to leave us to our sin, and “evil just comes pouring in.”

Commenting on the prophetic book of Joel in the Old Testament and God’s judgment of man, Anne Graham Lotz said the “day of the Lord is when God, sort of, draws a line in the sand and He says, ‘I’ve just had enough, my patience has run out. I’m no longer going to strive with man.’ God strives with man, like He did in Genesis 6: He restrains evil so life can go on.”

“If He no longer does that, evil comes in like a flood and life unravels, which is where we are today,” she said during a recent radio interview with TruNews host Rick Wiles. “So there comes a point when God says, ‘I’m just not going to restrain evil anymore. I’m going to back away.’”

“You keep telling me to get out of schools, get out of your business, out of government, you know, get out of your public square,” said Anne Graham Lotz, the author of 11 books. “So God backs away, and when He backs away, then we’re subjected to things He’s otherwise protected us from and the evil just comes pouring in – which is what we’re seeing in Baltimore, in Ferguson, and some of these other places. It’s just, it’s anarchy.”

Anne Graham Lotz said there were three things indicative of America being at a “tipping point” in terms of ushering in God’s judgment: Israel, homosexual marriage and abortion.

“When we turn our backs on Israel, when we abandon Israel, and are no longer her friend but side with her enemies, I believe that may be the tipping point,” said the evangelist, who is the president of AnGeL Ministries.

“I believe what we’re doing to Israel is the tipping point,” she said.  “I’m going to have to say that because I know Israel is like the apple of God’s eye, and I believe if we turn against her, which we actually have, it’s stunning to me.  How can America be on the dark side of prophecy? That is greivous to me. So, I think that may be the tipping point.”

As for the Supreme Court’s pending ruling on homosexual marriage, Anne Graham Lotz said that gays are “not just asking to join” the institution of marriage, “they’re asking to change it.”

Rev. Billy Graham and his daughter, Anne Graham Lotz.  (Photo: BGEA)


“So they’re asking nine Supreme Court justices to change an institution that God established and that’s been in place since creation,” said Anne Graham Lotz, who holds six honorary doctorates.  “No nation to my knowledge – and I’ve had friends who asked rabbis to research it – no nation in human history has ever done this.”

“There have been gay relationships and civil unions and recognition of gay couples in other empires, but no nation has ever changed the institution of marriage and allowed them to change it so that it suits their agenda,” she said.  “And that is really taking your dust-fist and shaking it right in God’s face and saying, ‘We don’t care. Not only do we not agree with this, we’re going to change it’ – we become our own gods, so to speak.”

She continued, “The third thing that I think will push us into that judgment is, of course, the abortion issue. When you’ve taken the lives of just about 60 million innocent babies, then I think for that and these other reasons, God just says, ‘I’ve had enough.’”

Anne Graham Lotz is the second daughter of Billy Graham and his wife Ruth Bell  Graham, who died in 2007. Anne Graham Lotz is married, has three children, and lives in Montreat, N.C. She is the president and CEO of AnGel Ministries

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