Anne Graham Lotz: ‘Our World is Unraveling,’ ‘We’re Coming Close to the End of Human History’

Michael W. Chapman | May 26, 2015 | 5:45pm EDT
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Best-selling author and evangelist Anne Graham Lotz, the daughter of world-renowned preacher Billy Graham, said “our world is unraveling” because of sin and that “we’re coming close to the end of human history as we know it.” She added that as people and nations reject God, He “backs away from us” and allows the consequences of that rejection to unfold.

On Fox News Radio’s “Alan Colmes Show,” host Alan Colmes asked Anne Graham Lotz, “Is it your belief that we’re at the end times now?”

Anne Graham Lotz said, “I believe that it is, Alan. I base that not just on feelings, I base it on what Jesus said in the New Testament and what I see going on in the world at the same time – and they match.”

“So I put that together and I believe we’re coming close to the end of human history as we know it,” she said.  “With that comes accountability before God, which we would call a judgment.”

Anne Graham Lotz, the author of 11 books and president of AnGeL Ministries,  explained that her Christian views and analysis of the “end times” come from the Bible.  God “doesn’t speak to me like you’re talking to me,” she told Colmes.  “I read my Bible. I believe the Bible is God’s Word, and then I line up God’s Word with what I see happening in the world, and they come together, Alan.”

“Our world is unraveling,” she said, and “I think the whole world senses, especially those who follow the news, senses that something is happening that is very unsettling.”

“[A]s the Bible says, God’s judgment is not necessarily like a nuclear strike or lightning coming from the sky or the ground opening up,” said Anne Graham Lotz, who has been awarded six honorary doctorates in ministry and biblical exegesis.  “It is just [that] God backs away from us.”

“He removes His hand that’s been protecting us and restraining evil,” said Anne Graham Lotz.  “When He removes it, because we’ve been telling Him to get out, then life can’t go on as it has. It begins to collapse.”

When asked by Colmes on his May 20 broadcast if God removes Himself because people do not behave the way He wants, Anne Graham Lotz said the distancing of God occurs “when we don’t repent of our sin, when we rebel against Him.”

“Everywhere they’re telling Him to get out,” said Anne Graham Lotz. “They don’t want His name in the Pledge of Allegiance; they don’t want Him in the schools; they don’t want to say the name of His Son, Jesus in public settings; they don’t even allow chaplains now in the military to pray in the name of Jesus.”

“So there telling Him, in just about every which way, to get out,” she said. “God is a gentleman. He doesn’t go where He’s not wanted. He gradually begins to walk away, and that’s what He told Israel in Deuteronomy 28. He said, I’m going to bless you if you turn to me, but if you turn against me, I’ll just back away. Then He allows us to be subjected to the things He’s been protecting us from.”


She continued, “There’s a separation of church and state, Alan, but that’s not a separation of state and God. Our Founding Fathers believed in God and they honored God and they respected God, and until the 1900s the Bible was a textbook in schools. And so when you begin to remove God, and you know we have been, He backs away.”

Colmes then noted that Anne Graham Lotz had referenced the evangelical teaching on the “rapture” in relation to the end times and asked her to explain what it means and if people today will witness it.

The word “rapture” is not in the Bible, said Anne Graham Lotz, “but the teaching is, that there will come a time when Jesus will come back for those who have put their trust and faith in Him. So, at some point in time He’s going to come back and I’m going to be caught up in the air to meet with Him. The Bible says that in multiple places and I believe it.”

Citing Thessalonians 4 and Corinthians 15, she said the rapture will take place “in a twinkling of an eye, faster than you can blink your eye.”

Colmes then asked, “What do people have to do right now in order to protect themselves, to be among those who are saved?”

Anne Graham Lotz said, “You simply come to God by faith in Jesus. You come to God and admit and confess that you’re a sinner. … If you ask Him to forgive you, He will, and then I ask Him to come into my life and I surrender the control of my life to Him.”

“I want to live for Him,” she said.  “I want to know Him. I want to live for Him and then one day, I know – when I do that, Alan, I’m born again into a special family and my birthright is a heavenly home. My birthright is a relationship with God where I can call Him my father and I’m His child, and I know I’m saved.”

Anne Graham Lotz, 67, is married and has three children. She is the founder and president of AnGeL Ministries, and the New York Times has described her as one of the five most influential evangelists in the United States. She lives with her husband, Dr. Daniel Lotz, in Montreat, N.C. 

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