Tim Tebow on Whether Student-Athletes Should Get Paid: ‘Not in College Football’

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Michael Morris
By Michael Morris | September 13, 2019 | 4:40 PM EDT

California State Flag (left) (Photo by Justin Sullivan-Getty Images) and Tim Tebow (right) (Screenshot)

Speaking on ESPN’s “First Take” with Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman, outspoken Christian, college football national champion and former Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback for the University of Florida Tim Tebow addressed whether he felt student-athletes should get paid for their likeness while playing sports in college, Tebow suggesting, “not in college football.”

“[T]hat’s just not where I feel like college football needs to go,” stated Tim Tebow. “There’s that opportunity in the NFL – but not in college football.”

Tim Tebow’s remarks came after a bill passed by the state legislature in California that would allow athletes at “California colleges [to] hire agents and sign endorsement deals” was sent to the governor on Wednesday, “setting up a potential confrontation with the NCAA that could jeopardize the athletic futures of powerhouse programs like USC, UCLA and Stanford,” reported FOX Sports. “Gov. Gavin Newsom has not said whether he will sign the bill. But the NCAA Board Of Governors is already urging him not to, warning that if he does California colleges and universities would eventually be banned from NCAA competitions because of their ‘unfair recruiting advantage.’”

Below is a transcript of Tim Tebow’s remarks, in pertinent part, concerning his thoughts on whether or not students at colleges and universities should receive pay for their play while at school:

“You know, I feel like I have a little bit of credibility and knowledge about this because when I was at the University of Florida I think my jersey was one of the top selling jerseys around the world. It was like, Kobe, LeBron, and I was right behind them, and I didn’t make a dollar from it, but nor did I want to.

“Because I knew going into college what it was all about. I knew going to Florida, my dream school, where I wanted to go, the passion for, and if I could support my team, support my college, support my university, that’s what it’s all about.

“But now we’re changing it from us, from we, from my university, from being an alumni where I care – which makes college football and college sports special – to then, okay, it’s not about us, it’s not about we, it’s just about me.

“And yes, I know we live in a selfish culture, where it’s all about us, but we’re just adding and piling it onto that, where it changes what’s special about college football.

“We turn it into the NFL, where who has the most money, that’s where you go. That’s why people are more passionate about college sports than they are NFL. That’s why the stadiums are bigger in college than they are in the NFL. Because it’s about your team; it’s about your university; it’s about where my family wanted to go; it’s about where my grandfather had a dream about seeing Florida win a SEC championship. And you’re taking that away so that young kids can earn a dollar.

“And that’s just not where I feel like college football needs to go. There’s that opportunity in the NFL – but not in college football.”

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