Texas Gov's Poetic Tweet: Win Game But Lose Romo, Maybe Dallas Will Sign Tebow

By Michael Morris | September 21, 2015 | 3:45pm EDT
Tim Tebow practicing with the Philadelphia Eagles. (AP Photo)

The Dallas Cowboys lost starting quarterback Tony Romo to a fractured left clavicle in Sunday’s win over the Philadelphia Eagles, and reports suggest that he will miss at least eight weeks of action.

Now, with the first major NFL quarterback injury of the season, the speculation as to who will replace him has already begun.

According Fox Sports, “Cowboys backup quarterback Brandon Weeden struggled to move the offense and avoid turnovers” in the limited action he saw during the 2014 season. And with that in mind, at least one prominent figure, albeit not in sports, thinks he knows a temporary answer to the Cowboys’ problems.

In a Tweet on Sunday evening, Texas Governor Greg Abbott cast his ballot for none other than Tim Tebow.

Let the chants begin: “Tebow! Tebow! Tebow!”

Tebow showed significant improvement as a passer this preseason and might make a viable option. Tebow used the offseason to work on his mechanics with famed pitching and quarterback throwing Guru Tom House. He finished the preseason with the Eagles with a total of 286 yards passing, two touchdowns and only one interception. He added another 82 yards on the ground with a score, and had a total QBR of 90.7. His two previous preseason QBR totals, with a 26.5 QBR in 2012 and a 47.2 QBR in 2013 respectively, came to a much lower 73.7 combined. Despite the improvements, Tebow failed to make the cut and was released from the Philadelphia Eagles’ final 53-man roster.

But with Romo’s injury and Weeden’s struggles, perhaps Tim Tebow could be added to the mix in Dallas?

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