Tebow on New Book ‘Shaken’: Going Through the Lows Is Something I’m Thankful For

By Michael Morris | October 31, 2016 | 3:55pm EDT
Former NFL quarterback and current minor league baseball player for the New York Mets Tim Tebow on Fox News touts his new book "Shaken." (Fox News Screenshot)

While on the Kelly File last Tuesday, former NFL quarterback and current minor league baseball player Tim Tebow touted his new book, “Shaken,” that deals with how to handle life’s struggles, saying, “I’ve been blessed to go through some highs, but I think going through the lows is something, honestly, I am so thankful for now too.”

Having been let go by four NFL teams in five years, Tebow has seen his fair share of struggles, and he says, that is exactly what his new book is all about.

According to Fox Sports, Tebow began his NFL career with the Denver Broncos when he was drafted back in 2010. He started 14 games in the two years he was with Denver before being traded to the New York Jets in 2012. Tebow became embroiled in a quarterback battle, but started only 2 games with the Jets and was cut in 2013. Later that same year, Tebow put on a New England Patriots jersey where he became a backup. He would go on to be cut for a third time in the fall of 2013. Two years later in 2015, Tebow was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles, where he again signed as a backup. There he rounded out his NFL career and was cut for a final time in September of 2015.

“How do you get through those kinds of challenges and failures?” Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly asked Tim Tebow.

“Well, that’s what this book is all about,” said Tebow. “It’s about handling the lows.”

Many people have life “hit them right in the face,” said Tebow, “and they have to go through a lot of lows. And it really gives me the opportunity to relate to a lot of people.”

And it’s those people who are struggling with life that this book is written for. “It’s written for people that have gone through lows or are about to go through lows or are going through lows,” said Tebow. “And it’s to encourage them that their life matters, that they’re important, to realize the purpose that they have in their life.”

The book shows that people can have “a foundation that is bigger than just what they do,” explained Tebow. “It’s who they are – more importantly – whose they are.”

When asked whether he thought it was scary to have failed in his first endeavor, football, and to be starting over again with baseball, Tebow answered, “Not really.”

“Perfect love casts out all fear,” remarked Tebow. “And two, when you’re doing something for the fun of it, for the passion for it, and you’re really giving it everything you’ve got, what is success and failure? Success, to me, is pursuing and playing something that I love every single day, and the results will take care of itself.”

Twenty or 30 years from now, Tebow will be able to say he at least did everything he possibly could, “rather than being scared of what critics or naysayers or even failing and stopping because of that.”

“Because I think,” Tebow continued, “unfortunately in today’s society, so many people do that because we’re afraid of what other people are going to think.”

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