Poughkeepsie Journal: Marist College Ditches Mascot Name ‘Shooter’ Amidst Mass Shootings

Michael Morris
By Michael Morris | November 14, 2017 | 3:52 PM EST

Marist's Red Fox mascot has had its name changed from "Shooter" to "Frankie." (Screenshot)

The Marist athletics department decided to ditch their mascot’s name “Shooter” amidst mass shootings across the country, according to Poughkeepsie Journal.

“[T]he Marist athletics department decided to rename its mascot from ‘Shooter’ to ‘Frankie,’ noted Poughkeepsie Journal. “The change, made quietly last month, comes in a year that has seen 208 fatalities caused by mass shootings, according to USA TODAY data, and at a time of growing awareness nationally of the significance of the names and figures depicted on buildings and monuments.”

Poughkeepsie Journal further reported that “though Marist’s ‘Shooter’ was named in reference to shooting hoops, the name took on new meaning” for the Marist Athletic Director Murray.

“‘Unfortunately, in our culture today, there is a negative stigma to that term “shooter.” And I just didn’t think it was appropriate for us at this time to perpetuate that term,’ Murray said.”

The Red Fox, known as “Shooter,” was reportedly renamed “Frankie,” “given the college’s proximity to Hyde Park, the birthplace of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.”

The faux fur Red Fox debuted during this season’s opening games for both the women’s and men’s NCAA basketball teams.

The lady Marist Red Foxes hosted Navy, losing their opener by a score of 77-70.

The men’s team also fell short, losing to Lehigh in their opener 84-76 in OT.

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