Patricia Heaton: Twitter Would Not Let Me Follow ‘Unplanned’ Movie

Michael Morris
By Michael Morris | April 1, 2019 | 11:44 AM EDT

Patricia Heaton (left) (Screenshot) and "Unplanned" (right) (Image Courtesy of "Unplanned" Movie)

In a tweet on her Twitter page on April 1, 2019 at 12:17 AM, actress Patricia Heaton, known for her roles on the TV series “Everybody Loves Raymond” and “The Middle,” asked why “Twitter won’t let” her follow the Unplanned movie on Twitter, saying on Monday morning that the “problem has been fixed.”

“Hey @jack - why aren’t you letting me follow @UnplannedMovie ?” asked Patricia Heaton in a tweet. “I’ve tried eight times to support my friend @AbbyJohnson and @Twitter won’t let me. Others are having the same issue. Please correct this. Thank you.”

Patricia Heaton’s tweet came after “[t]he page for the film ‘Unplanned’ was suspended on Twitter on March 30 by mistake, if Twitter is to be believed,” reported Corinee Weaver of MRCTechWatch. “The account, which at the time had 40,000 followers, was suspended without notice. It was only after public outcry that the account was restored, with the explanation that it was accidentally banned because it was mistakenly linked to another account.”

Patricia Heaton has since tweeted, at 8:19 AM, that “The problem has been fixed.”

MRCTechWatch further reported, “When the account was restored from its suspension, it gained 99,000 followers. It was also verified. But followers noticed that the blue check mark was gone, as well as the followers.”

As of the posting of this blog on April 1, the “Unplanned” Twitter account has 249,000 Followers.

And according to, “The movie’s $6,110,000 weekend box office ranked the fifth highest total in the nation, according to data released by Box Office Mojo.”

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