Miami ‘Convicts’ Head Coach Richt on Beating 3rd-Ranked ND ‘Catholics’: ‘Praise God’

By Michael Morris | November 13, 2017 | 10:53am EST
Miami Hurricanes "Convicts" head coach Mark Richt says, "[P]raise God," following a win over the third-ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish "Catholics" on Saturday. (Screenshot)

The Miami Hurricanes, also known as the “Convicts” in their rivalry game “Convicts vs. Catholics” with the “Catholics” of Notre Dame, roundly humbled the third-ranked Fighting Irish 41-8 on Saturday, Miami head coach Mark Richt saying about the win, “[P]raise God.”

“Both sides of the ball did play very well, and specials as well,” said Miami head coach Mark Richt after his team defeated the Irish. “And I want to say, praise God.”

Though undefeated, the seventh-ranked Hurricanes came into the game as slight underdogs to the Irish, with wins over two top-25 opponents: then eleventh-ranked Florida State (now unranked) and last week against thirteenth-ranked Virginia Tech.

Notre Dame came into the game with a single loss to the then fifteenth-ranked SEC Georgia Bulldogs (now #1), with dominating wins against three top-25 opponents: then unranked Michigan State (now #12), then eleventh-ranked USC (now #11), and then fourteenth-ranked NC State (now #23).

According to the ESPN summary of the game, the “Convicts” (374 total yards) outgained the “Catholics” (261 total yards) in total yards, in time of possession (ND: 26:01 and Miami: 33:59), in first downs (ND: 13 and Miami: 18), in turnover margin (ND: four turnovers, none recovered and Miami zero turnovers, four recovered) and ultimately in the final score ( ND: 8 and Miami: 41).

Miami also clinched the ACC Coastal division Saturday when Virginia lost to Louisville. The Canes (“Convicts”) will play Clemson (8-1) for the ACC title.

On clinching the Coastal Division in the ACC, coach Richt said the following:

“Well, it’s a big deal. It’s a shame it was kinda anticlimactic. We didn’t really wanna talk about it. You know, we kinda were, little quiet little dabs here and there, but we just wanted to focus on this game [against Notre Dame].

“But unbelievable job of winning the Coastal, first time in the history of the school as far as being able to represent in Charlotte, and we’re looking forward to that.”

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