Mark Levin on Stephanopoulos’ Behavior: ‘Sleazy’ and ‘Unethical’

By Michael Morris | May 15, 2015 | 8:05pm EDT

Nationally syndicated radio talk show host Mark Levin ripped ABC News chief anchor and former Clinton White House Communications Director and Senior Advisor for Policy and Strategy George Stephanopoulos calling his behavior “sleazy” and “unethical.”

“There’s a massive media scandal – another one – this time over at ABC News,” stated Mark Levin. “And ABC News is in full cover-up mode, trying to protect George Stephanopoulos now, trying to put this issue to sleep. And what is the issue, as our friends at NewsBusters, Media Research Center’s wonderful NewsBusters, tell us? ABC’s George Stephanopoulos acknowledged his tens of thousands of dollars of donations to the Clinton Foundation in a Thursday interview with Politico’s Dylan Byers.”

“Byers reported that Stephanopoulos said that contrary to earlier reports he’s given a total of $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation,” Levin said. “The Good Morning America anchor also announced that he will not moderate the ABC News sponsored Republican primary debate in February, after failing to disclose those contributions. Stephanopoulos admitted to Byers that ‘in retrospect I probably shouldn’t have, even though I did for the best of reasons.”

“Now ladies and gentlemen, I wanted to remind you that when this hatchet man, this Clinton, liberal hatchet man dressed up as a phony journalist – ‘cause he does more than Good Morning America, he does their Sunday show over at ABC – that when he questioned Peter Schweizer on April 26, on This Week, ABC’s This Week, that he was a partisan hack, and that it was outrageous that he would question Schweizer’s independence and so-called partisanship, given his background, given him,” stated Levin. “And I want to salute Rand Paul, who’s been trying to point this out for some time now. And so, I felt Stephanopoulos shouldn’t be anywhere near any of the Republican debates, particularly [after] what he did to Romney a few years ago.”

“And it goes on over at NewsBusters,” Levin sad. “The Politico correspondent noted that the $75,000 figure ‘represents charitable contributions of $25,000 in 2012, 2013 and 2014 respectively.’ Byers continued by detailing the ABC personality’s announcement that he wouldn’t moderate the upcoming GOP primary. And yet, Stephanopoulos refused to ‘recuse himself from coverage of the 2016 presidential campaign.’ He said to Byers, or Byers wrote:

‘The Good Morning America co-anchor and host of This Week said he would not moderate ABC’s GOP debate scheduled in February. Republican Senator Rand Paul said Thursday that Stephanopoulos should be prohibited from moderating any debates during the 2016 presidential campaign.’ Stephanopoulos said, ‘I won’t moderate that debate. I think I’ve shown that I can moderate debates fairly.’”

“No, quite the contrary,” suggested Levin. “You’ve shown that you’re a Clinton hack.”

Levin continued to quote from Stephanopoulos:

“‘That said, I know there have been questions made about moderating debates this year. I want to be sure I don’t deprive viewers of a good debate.’”

“Stephanopoulos said he would not recuse himself from coverage of the 2016 presidential campaign, despite urging from the office of Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah, who said today, Lee said he would advise people not to go on This Week unless the host ‘recuses himself from all 2016 coverage.’”

“Meanwhile,” continued Levin, “ABC News, trying to cover up, trying to prevent a Bryan Williams fiasco, they issued a statement of support for Stephanopoulos, because ladies and gentlemen, let’s face it, ABC News supports Hillary Clinton too. And no punitive action will be taken against Stephanopoulos. Of course not, he’s a good little soldier.”

“And it should be also pointed out that in 2009, my buddy Brent Bozell, the MRC president, he wrote a letter to ABC News president, David Westin at the time, ‘calling on him to publicly address and resolve what appears to be a clear violation of journalistic ethics by’ Stephanopoulos, because Politico reported, at the time, that he ‘participated in daily phone strategy sessions with’ then ‘White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.’”

“This is a disgrace,” Levin stated emphatically. “Now I know this goes on all over the media. You know. I know. The media are the Pretorian Guard for the left – Obama, Clinton you have it. The overwhelming majority of the media are Democrats. The overwhelming majority in the media are leftists – at least liberals.”

“How the hell can ABC News hire a guy like Stephanopoulos?” questioned Levin. “He wasn’t just a think-tank type liberal. This is a guy who was the implementer. He was the enforcer for the Clinton mob. And yet, there he is.”

“$75,000 in the last three years,” repeated Levin, “including recently in 2014 to the Clinton Foundation, and he never told anybody. Oh, but they say, ‘It was there in the records.’ That’s like saying my name’s in the yellow pages or in the white pages of the phone book in Manhattan. ‘Oh, wow. It’s right there. Look at that.’ No. No. No.”

“You have a duty bigger than that pal,” Levin directed. “And you broke your uh, you broke your journalistic, whatever they call it, ethics – as if there is any.”

“I want to remind you folks,” Levin continued, “April 26, 2015, George Stephanopoulos, having given $75,000 to the Clinton money laundering operation called the Clinton Library Foundation, whatever they call it, questioning Peter Schweizer, his book “Clinton Cash,” whether he’s a partisan. And not one time during that interview did he reveal (Stephanopoulos), that Stephanopoulos is not only a partisan, that he gave $75,000 to the institution which is the subject of Peter Schweizer’s book!”

“He should never have conducted the interview,” stated Levin. “ABC News should have told everybody that he had been a donor, a major donor to the Clinton money laundering operation, but no, not a word. Not a word.”

“I believe all of our friends at the Washington Free Beacon, among others, discovered this,” said Levin. “And what was Stephanopoulos going to do, keep it secret throughout the whole campaign, while he was moderating one of the Republican debates?”

“Sleazy! Unethical,” railed Levin.

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