Mark Levin Predicted Media Reaction to Trump SOTU: ‘It’ll Be Embarrassing,’ ‘Partisan,’ ‘Superficial’

By Michael Morris | February 6, 2019 | 2:23pm EST
Nationally syndicated radio talk show host, TV host, author and American lawyer Mark Levin (Screenshot)

On his nationally syndicated radio talk show “The Mark Levin Show” Tuesday evening, host Mark Levin predicted that the media reaction to President Donald J. Trump’s State of the Union address (SOTU) would be “embarrassing,” Levin further suggesting, “It’ll be embarrassing … partisan … superficial.”

“But listen to how the media cover it,” Mark Levin told his listeners about how the media will react to Trump’s SOTU. “It’s embarrassing. It’ll be embarrassing. It’ll be embarrassing. It’ll be immature. It’ll be partisan. It’ll be superficial. Just watch.”

Mark Levin’s comments came on Tuesday evening, prior to President Trump’s SOTU to a joint session of Congress. NewsBusters, on the eve of the SOTU and through this morning, reported a bevy of stories on the media reaction to Trump’s SOTU: “NYT Columnist: State of the Union Was Full of ‘Blood-Soaked’ ‘Lies’”; “For the Second Year, CNN Discredits Own Poll Showing Positive SOTU Reaction”; “CBS Morning Crew ‘Disturbed’ By Wall Talk, Hot Economy Praise” during Trump’s SOTU; “ABC Marvels at Abrams’s ‘Energetic Delivery’; Marvel at Pelosi’s ‘Fascinating’ Reactions to Trump”; “CNN’s John King: The SOTU Was a ‘Disgrace’ for No Mention of Climate Change”; “Brian Williams Taken Aback By Trump’s ‘Graphic Language on Abortion”; “NBC Bashes Trump Speech as Incoherent, But Cheers ‘Strong’ Abrams Who ‘Scolded’ Trump”; “CNN’s Van Jones: SOTU Was ‘Psychotically Incoherent’ With ‘Cookies and Dog Poop”; and “ABC, NBC Gloat About Lack of Applause for Trump; Pelosi ‘Is Very Much in Charge.”

Below is a transcript of Mark Levins’ remarks from his show on Tuesday:

“I’ll tell you what’s amazing: our media think that they’re professional, The Washington Times[sic] ran that ad during the Super Bowl game because they think you’re stupid and that you don’t support the First Amendment. [“The Washington Post ran the Super Bowl ad on "Democracy Dies in Darkness.”] You’re smart, and you do support the First Amendment and freedom of the press and freedom of speech.

“But let’s do a little experiment here. It’s a perfect time. You, me, all of us, you’re going to watch the State of the Union address, and I know as painful as this is, watch 30 minutes of the press coverage after it’s over and after Stacy Abrams is done – and they’ll say she’s the next president of the United States. She’s great. She could be the first woman African American president. Put all that aside, all the identity politics—

“But listen to how the media cover it. It’s embarrassing. It’ll be embarrassing. It’ll be embarrassing. It’ll be immature. It’ll be partisan. It’ll be superficial. Just watch.

“The media bring us down as a society, the modern media. They drag us down. They make people dumber. They make people angrier.

“I’m serious about this. And I’m not just talking about opinion media. I’m talking about so-called news media, so-called journalists.

“And I’ve been discussing this, at some length, with my beautiful wife, and we happen to agree on this. Can you imagine?”

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