Mark Levin: Obama Administration, Clintons ‘Sold Out the Country’

Michael Morris | April 24, 2015 | 3:16pm EDT
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Nationally syndicated radio show host Mark Levin lauded the New York Times piece that exposed the Clintons’ uranium deal with Russia on his show yesterday and suggested that Hillary Clinton is not the only one to blame – “[I]t was done by this administration,” stated Levin. “When are we going to hold him (Obama) to account?”

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“Two things happened today ladies and gentlemen,” began Mark Levin, “which will affect the future of the country right off the bat. We now know that major donors to the Clintons, their so-called library and foundation money laundering scheme, sold half of America’s uranium to Russia – uranium used, among other things, for nuclear weapons. 20 percent of all uranium deposits in the United States are now owned by the Russians.”

“And your Republican Senate just confirmed Loretta Lynch, ensuring that the Clintons will not be prosecuted, in my humble opinion,” said Levin. “If I’m proven wrong, thank God, which brings me to the third point: they must be prosecuted. Now these people have been treated like a king and a queen for too damn long.”

Later in the segment Levin refocused on the New York Times piece.

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“What did the ‘New York Slimes’ fail to report ladies and gentlemen?” asked Levin. “What is everybody missing today, as far as I can tell?”

“Remember, I just read to you that there was a committee?” asked Levin rhetorically. “It’s called the U.S. Committee on Foreign Investment. This committee had to approve the major stake that the Russian company front group would acquire in this company, given that uranium is a strategic asset with implications for America’s national security. Half of Obama’s cabinet was in this meeting, and on this committee: the Attorney General of the United States, the Secretary of Treasure, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of Homeland Security, the Secretary of Commerce, the Secretary of Energy and, of course, the Secretary of State, Hillary ‘Rotten’ Clinton.”

“That’s one, two, three, four, five, six, seven major cabinet officers, had to sign off, and somehow Barack Obama didn’t know anything about it!” bellowed Levin. “Somehow the National Security Operation [Center], which works out of the Oval Office, didn’t know anything about it! None of the White House staff knew anything. The Vice President didn’t know anything. The White House was completely cut off from it. Right?”

Levin continued, “I told you the Pretorian Guard media, they will protect Obama at all costs. This is not just a Hillary and Bill Clinton scandal of the highest order. This is a Barack Obama scandal of the highest order and an Obama administration scandal of the highest order.”

“The whole reason they have this committee in the first place,” said Levin, “is to make sure all the relevant cabinet secretaries are involved: the Attorney General for the law, the Secretary of Defense and Homeland Security for security, the Secretary of Treasury, Commerce, Energy, State – the highest officials in the Obama administration – approved this deal, giving 20 percent of America’s uranium to Putin, to Putin.

“And Putin immediately, did what?” asked Levin. “Broke his word. It was supposed to remain a public company on the Canadian stock exchange – they went private. 51 percent was all they were supposed to own, the stake in the company – they took all of it. Now it’s a private company with 100 percent ownership. Russia controls 20 percent of America’s uranium, and it was done by this administration! Make no mistake about it.”

“Bill and Hillary were the facilitators,” stated Levin, “the bag men and women, if you will. They made it happen, no question about it. But when are we going to hold this diabolical president, this imperial president – who wants to control everything, but pretends he knows nothing – when are we going to hold him to account? This is his administration. She was his Secretary of State. That’s his Attorney General, his Secretary of Treasury, his Secretary of Defense, his Secretary of Homeland Security, his Secretary of Energy, his Secretary of Commerce – and they sold out the country. They sold out the country for a few million bucks.”

“None of these people are qualified to hold office,” stated Levin emphatically. “None of them. None of them.”

Levin went on, “So this uranium company (Uranium One), controlling 20 percent of our uranium, went from zero control by the Russians to 100 percent, run from a public stock exchange, taken private never to be seen again – underground if you will.”

“Amazing,” said Levin. “This scandal should not only bring down Bill and Hillary Clinton, it should bring down this administration. And yet, even the conservative media is so myopic, conservative commentators and writers are so myopic, they can’t even see the big picture, and there is a big picture. And all they can do is lap up the New York Times piece, which is good as far as it goes, but it doesn’t go far enough: “‘Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation as Russians Pressed for Control of Uranium Company.’"

"Good title in the 'New York Slimes,' Jo Becker, Mike Mcintire,” lauded Levin. “It’s a good piece. It’s a strong piece, but the next shoe needs to drop.”

“This committee, The U.S. Committee on Foreign Investment, it exists for a reason,” stated Levin, “and to have the Attorney General and the Secretaries of Treasury, Defense, Homeland Security, Commerce and Energy, in addition to the corrupt Hillary Clinton, sign off on this, tells you that the Obama administration signed off on this!”

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