Mark Levin: Free Trade with China Is Ultimately Destructive to American Society

By Michael Morris | May 14, 2019 | 3:01pm EDT
Chinese flag (left) (Photo by Lucas Schifres-Getty Images) and nationally syndicated radio talk show host, TV host, author and American lawyer Mark Levin (right) (Screenshot)

Mark Levin noted that free trade with China is ultimately destructive to American society on his nationally syndicated radio talk show “The Mark Levin Show” on Monday.

 “So, free trade with China is ultimately destructive to this society and the future of a peaceful society, in my view,” stated Mark Levin. “We have to acknowledge what China is and what China’s doing – same with Iran. These are hostile countries.”

Mark Levin’s comments came as reports have warned of a trade war, tariffs with China, Rep. Steve Scalise suggesting that, according to, “we’ve always been in a trade war with China.” Patrick Buchanan, in his most recent column on said the following about tariffs, “A tariff is a tax, but its purpose is not just to raise revenue but to make a nation economically independent of others, and to bring its citizens to rely upon each other rather than foreign entities,” which is “why Beijing, which runs $350 billion to $400 billion in annual trade surpluses at our expense is howling loudest.”

Below is a transcript, in relevant part, of Mark Levin’s remarks from his show on Monday:

“Tariffs and trade – tariffs and trade. See, I don’t buy the argument that China takes $500 billion out of the United States every year. Now, stick with me. You’re going to hear the whole argument because I favored heavy tariffs against China, but I’ll get into that in a minute.

“They take $500 billion out of the country and do what with it? Make stuff. What kind of stuff? All kinds of stuff – stuff that you want – or they wouldn’t be able to quote, unquote take $500 billion out of the country now would they?

“They buy stuff too. ‘But we have an imbalance of trade, an imbalance of trade.’ Most rich nations have an imbalance of trade. You know why? Because most Americans want stuff, and they want stuff as cheap as they can get it. That’s why we have an imbalance of trade. It’s your fault. It’s the consumers fault. It’s the fault of the American people. It’s also the fault of government in several respects.

“But anyway, that’s not why I favor tariffs against China or Iran or North Korea or Cuba.  I don’t believe in free trade, balance or imbalance, with countries that have as their purpose to destroy the United States. I don’t believe in that. I don’t believe we should treat China as Canada. That’s why I don’t support heavy duty tariffs on our allies – whatever the hell they’re doing. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter because tariffs are a tax on you, not a tax on Canada. That said, it makes it more difficult for China to get our products, which China want in order to make stuff for you.

“Even more particular, China does not segregate its civilian activities from its military activities. China basically takes an ownership interest in every American company that does business there, with front groups, where they take 51 percent of the business so they can steal the proprietary information, technology. And they’re using it against us.

“There’s a lot of reasons that there ought not be free trade with China. And as I said earlier, we have a whole regime of export controls that are operated out of the Commerce Department and the State Department, which are intended to protect us from hostile countries with whom we do trade. China’s one of them. But it’s not good enough because China steals our technology, and our companies that want to go there are willing to partner with China, quote, unquote, with a gun pointed to their head because they look at all the people there and they look at the market there.

“So, free trade with China is ultimately destructive to this society and the future of a peaceful society, in my view. We have to acknowledge what China is and what China’s doing – same with Iran. These are hostile countries. It’s not Canada. It’s not Mexico. It’s not Australia, what have you – South Korea. And so I believe in it, not for economic reasons but for every reason I just stated and more.

“China is building a military that is intended to defeat us, economically or otherwise, to choke off navigable waters, to choke off our ability to get material from other countries. They are building military states in the Third World, including in our own hemisphere. They control both ends of the Panama Canal, and I would ask my friends, do you think that’s a good idea – my so-called conservative, libertarian friends?

“Why is China doing that – to make a buck? Well, sure. But why else are they doing that? In some ways, it’s the rise of an empire that has as its purpose to defeat the United States.”

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