Levin on Single-Payer: Nobody’s Running to Canada, Britain for Health Care – You’d Be Out of Your Mind

By Michael Morris | June 29, 2017 | 3:57pm EDT
Nationally syndicated radio talk show host Mark Levin (Flickr Photo/Labeled for Reuse)

On his nationally syndicated radio talk show program Wednesday, host Mark Levin decried the dangers of single-payer health care as promoted by the left and reminded Americans, “Nobody’s running to Canada[, France or Britain] for health care … you’d be out of your mind.”

“Now, again, this isn’t theoretical or academic,” said Mark Levin. “We look to our neighbors to the north, Canada – nobody in the United States is running to Canada for health care. Nobody. You’d be out of your mind. Nobody in the United States, as I said the other day, is running to Britain or France for health care. You’d be out of your mind.”

Levin’s remarks came after Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren called for single-payer health care in an interview with The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday.

Below is a transcript of Levin’s comments from his show:

Levin: “The disaster that Obamacare is, the fact that we have over $200 trillion in unfunded liabilities, the fact that we’re $20 trillion in fiscal operating debt, you look at what’s going on in Illinois, you look at what’s going on in California, look at some of these other states that have a disastrous financial situation, and yet we have senators who are pushing for single-payer health care, single payer meaning the government pays.

“Now we know what that's going to do. That’s going to result in rationing health care.

“We don’t want the government making more decisions. We want the government making less decisions. The government’s not efficient. The government doesn’t have competition. The government’s not run by the brightest people in the country, the most competent people in the country.

“When the government takes it over, when the government takes the field there’s nobody else out there. There’s nobody to compete.

“Now, again, this isn’t theoretical or academic. We look to our neighbors to the north, Canada – nobody in the United States is running to Canada for health care. Nobody. You’d be out of your mind. Nobody in the United States, as I said the other day, is running to Britain or France for health care. You’d be out of your mind.

“Plus, you wouldn’t get it. You’d be waiting in line.

“I read to you the other day the enormous waiting periods for people in Canada for very serious conditions, serious surgery, and many people get worse or die while they’re waiting. It happens in our own Veterans Administration.

“Why would any politician – I’m quite serious about this – why would any politician be pushing a plan that does that to the people, the people of the United States?

“Listen to Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut on MSNBC today. Cut two go.

MSNBC Reporter: “Your colleague Senator Warren says that she thinks there should be single-payer health care. Do you agree?”

Blumenthal: “I agree that there ought to be single-payer health care. I also would favor a public option, but we can move forward in building on the Affordable Care Act without necessarily going on the insistence that there be single-payer this session of Congress right away. I happen to favor it, but let’s use the common ground that we have – come together – which many of us are willing to do this afternoon if the president reached out—”

Levin: “Come together? Come together when the man just said he has as his agenda single-payer. Come together on what? There’s nothing to come together on.

“This man would destroy your ability to get access to doctors, access to hospitals, access to prescriptions and access on time.

“They’ve already lied to us, the Democratic Party, about Obamacare. They already lied about what would happen to our policies, that they’d be cut by $2,500 – that’s never happened. They already lied about deductibles, how they would be reduced. That’s not happening, never will happen. They said more and more people will have health care. No, more and more people are on Medicaid. Less and less people are on private health care.

“This is a sham. It’s a ruse.

“Elizabeth Warren, Elizabeth Warren is a crackpot, and so confident is she in her position, she refuses to come on this program. She’d rather debate the idiot Republicans in the Senate.

“This is from Roll Call: ‘Sen. Elizabeth Warrensaid Tuesday that opposing the Republican health care bill wasn’t enough, and the Democratic Party should start running on a new national single-payer plan.’

“She said, ‘President Obama tried to move us forward with health-care coverage by using a conservative model that came from one of the conservative think tanks that had been advanced by a Republican governor in Massachusetts. …’

“‘Polling has shown government-provided health care to be a very popular notion among Americans. Depending on whether it’s described as a public option, Medicare for all, or federally funded universal health care, proposals are supported by 57 to 61 percent of Americans, compared with only 19 to 24 percent [who] opposed [it].’

“Now I don’t know what this poll is. It could be crap. But part of the problem is the failure to engage these people, the failure to remind the American people what centralized government control means to them in their everyday life.

“I was watching a program before this show, and you know what the advice is to the Republicans and Trump? Just drop the health care thing and move on to tax cuts. Everybody cares about tax cuts. Forget the health care—

“That’s how you lose a country. Don’t forget about it! Stand up and make our case. It’s a winning case.

“We’re the ones who will drive down the cost of health care; we’re the ones that will make access easier; we’re the ones who will ensure that more people have insurance than they do now not because you and I dictate it or there’s some law that’s passed or some government agency pushing out regulations because that’s the nature of freedom.”

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