Levin: ‘Nothing Compassionate’ About Bernie’s Single Payer, Socialist Health Care

By Michael Morris | September 22, 2017 | 2:21pm EDT
Bernie Sanders (left) and Mark Levin (right)(Flickr Photos/Labeled for Reuse/Gage Skidmore)

On his nationally syndicated radio talk show Thursday, host Mark Levin called out Bernie (“The Red”) Sanders and the left for pushing single payer, saying there’s “nothing compassionate” about socialist health care.

“So, it would be wrenching, absolutely wrenching,” stated Mark Levin. “Even though it sounds compassionate, there’s nothing compassionate about it. It’s destructive in every respect.”

Levin’s comments comes as members of the Republican Party have begun pushing for a new health care bill and as some Democratic Party members, led by Senator Bernie Sanders, have been calling for single payer or “socialist health care,” as Levin calls it.

Below is a transcript of Levin’s remarks from his show Thursday:

“Your health care is up for debate again.

“Now, I kind of resent the fact that you and I have no say, really, no say in how the nation’s health care system, quote-unquote, is going to be structured. It depends on which party’s in power. It depends on whether there’s more conservatives or more liberals, and I resent it because the truth is, it’s none of the government’s business.

“And we’ve reached a point where we say we want people who can’t take care of themselves, you know, we want them to have some access to health care – fine. But what does that have to do with you and me?

“They destroyed our health care system, right? They’ve destroyed our health insurance. They’ve driven up the cost. They’ve driven down the access. You’ve got doctors leaving the profession in droves, and that’s going to be a huge problem down the road. You have hospitals closing, particularly in boarder states with heavy immigration populations, particularly illegal immigration populations.

“The only thing that hasn’t been touched in the backdoor nationalization of health care are the trial lawyers, the slip and fall lawyers. You know they still are making a fortune. You go to West Palm Beach, you can go to Beverley Hills, you can go to Manhattan, you can see how they live – like kings and queens.

“And so what’s happening now is Mr. Sanders – or Bernie The Red, as I call him – and now I think it’s up to 16 or 18 members of the Democrat[ic] Party in the senate are supporting socialist health care. They want to call it single payer, but that’s what it means: socialist, the government pays for everything.

“So that means, those of you with private health care, and there’s 180 million of you with private health care, whether it’s employer sanctioned or otherwise, your private health care would be taken away from you, be eliminated – eliminated. And you have to rely on whatever the government decides to give you or not give you, period. And there’d be no way out. You’d be in a straightjacket. You, your spouse, if you have one, your kids, you’d all be stuck.

“So, when they say all these people are going to drop out of health care, they’re going to eliminate 180 million people with there, I mean, the health care coverage for 180 million people, private health care. It will be gone. And all you folks who work for insurance companies,  you’ll be out of jobs. And there’s many, many people who do.

“So, it would be wrenching, absolutely wrenching. Even though it sounds compassionate, there’s nothing compassionate about it. It’s destructive in every respect.

“And when the American people are told the truth about socialist health care, they reject it. Over at Right Scoop they have the polls. It’s all broken down. When people learn what’s actually involved in it, they say, ‘No, we don’t want it.’ They don’t want it, but it doesn’t matter. The people said they didn’t want Obamacare, right?

“But Bernie The Red isn’t done, ladies and gentlemen. Bernie The Red now is talking about popular, he wants to promote a wealth tax. So, it’s not enough that you pay, most of us, a state income tax, a state property tax. It’s not enough that you pay a federal income tax and all kinds of taxes that I can’t remember. Once you’re done paying all these taxes, Bernie The Red says you ought to pay a wealth tax. And Bernie The Red will decide who’s wealthy and who’s not.

“And let me tell you a little secret. As the federal government runs out of money, all of you will be considered wealthy.

“They sold Obamacare on, ‘Oh, the rich shouldn’t be the only ones who get health care,’ and so forth and so on, right? But it affects you directly.

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