Kevin Sorbo: Dialed Up Rhetoric Is Being ‘Hyped Up’ by Dems and ‘Even More So by the Media’

Michael Morris
By Michael Morris | November 13, 2018 | 12:38 PM EST

Actor Kevin Sorbo (MRC Photo)

In an interview with, well-known conservative actor, recognized for his starring roles on TV shows such as “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” and “Andromeda” and more recently for his family-friendly, Christian films “Let There Be Light,” “God’s Not Dead” and “Christmas Dreams,” Kevin Sorbo suggested that the ongoing dialed up rhetoric in America is being “hyped up” by Democrats and “even more so by the media.”

“And it’s hyped up, certainly, by the Democrats in D.C. and hyped up even more so by the media,” said Kevin Sorbo. “It’s crazy out there.”

When asked whether he had seen political rhetoric in America this dialed up before, Sorbo responded:

“No, it’s insane out there – the divisiveness, the anger, the hatred. You know, I said to people, I said, ‘Do you see after the Democrats took the House in the last election, recently, did you see [Republicans] out there destroying private property, and wailing and crying and screaming?’ You don’t see that. But with the Democrats, that’s all you ever see right now.”

Later in the interview, Kevin Sorbo mentioned having recently seen a video of Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) detailing what she calls “a tactic” used in politics called the “wrap up” smear and how the media uses this information in creating “fake news.”

“I just recently saw a video of Nancy Pelosi talking to a group of reporters, saying how you smear somebody. You go out there and say whatever you want to hurt somebody, to hurt their career, to hurt their lives, and then she says, ‘You guys, the media pick up on it, you put it out there, and pretty soon it becomes real. It becomes a story.’ And that’s not them— There’s fake news for you, the birth of it right there. And they admit to doing it,” said Kevin Sorbo. “But it shows you the ignorance and the stupidity of people to sit there and fall into that trap and believe everything they hear and see on TV or the internet.”

Below is a transcript of Rep. Pelosi’s description of a “wrap-up” smear:

“You call it the wrap-up smear. You smear somebody with falsehoods and all the rest, and then you merchandise it.

“And then you write it, and they’ll say, ‘See, it’s reported in the press that this, this, this and this,’ so that they have that validation that the press reported the smear.

“And then it’s called the wrap-up smear. Now I’m going to merchandise the press’s report on the smear that we made. And it’s a tactic. And it’s self-evident.”

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