James Woods: Here's Why the Yellow Vests Are Not Getting Coverage in U.S. Media

Michael Morris
By Michael Morris | January 15, 2019 | 1:53 PM EST

Conservative actor James Woods (Screenshot)

Conservative actor James Woods took to his Twitter account on Sunday, Jan 13, blasting the American mainstream news  media in a tweet, saying it is “understandable” that the #YellowVests protests in Europe are “not receiving extensive coverage” in the U.S. given that “FakeNews organs, like #CNN, are really just cheerleaders for globalists.”

“This is not receiving extensive coverage on mainstream ‘news’ outlets in the United States,” James Woods wrote about a video tweet depicting #YellowVests protests in Europe. “This is understandable, since the #FakeNews organs, like #CNN, are really just cheerleaders for globalists like Obama, Trudeau, Merkel, and Macron.”

James Woods’ tweet includes a tweet made by Luke Rudkowski, founder of “We Are Change,” which is, according to the Mission Statement on its “About Us” page, “a nonpartisan, independent media organization comprised of individuals and groups working to expose corruption worldwide.” In the tweet, Rudkowski said the following:

“Many are saying that the #YellowVests had their largest showing yet This as the gov just tried to again repress them w/ tougher laws on unauthorized protests, which clearly didn’t work

“Expect more images like this to come out of France and soon the world”

The French “Yellow Vests,” according to a piece published by on Dec. 26, 2018, are a group of protesters, “named for their high-visibility jackets, [and] have for two months been blocking highways, tollbooths, gas stations and other facilities, demonstrating their opposition to fuel taxes, wage grievances, cost-of-living issues and other concerns.”

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