Broncos QB Keenum on New Book: ‘We’ve Been So Blessed … with the Story God’s Given Us’

Michael Morris | September 12, 2018 | 12:05pm EDT
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Broncos quarterback Case Keenum speaks with the NFL Network about his new book "Playing for More" and how he has been blessed with the story God has given him. (Screenshot)

NFL quarterback for the Denver Broncos Case Keenum, in an interviewed on the NFL Network, discussed his new book “Playing for More,” suggesting he wanted to help people with his story and acknowledged that he has “been so blessed, you know, with the story God’s given us.”

“Really, you know, we’ve been so blessed, you know, with the story God’s given us,” stated Broncos quarterback Case Keenum on NFL Network. “We want to bless other people’s too.”

The NFL quarterback turned book author, Keenum, said he “never thought I’d write a book,” but he continued, “I had a bunch of people come up to me after last year, and you know, we talked about the opportunity to maybe help and encourage people with our story and what we’ve been through – you know, adversities, you know, good things.

“So, if just one person is challenged, encouraged by some of those stories, or advice or the lessons I’ve learned along the way that people have shared with me, then our, their mission is accomplished.”

Case Keenum said that “all the proceeds” made off of the book “Playing for More” “are going to be donated back to charities in the communities that we’ve lived in: Houston, St. Louis, L.A., Minnesota, and now Denver – you know, starting our foundation with that. So, we’re really proud of that.”


Keenum also talked with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) about his book that was released on Sept. 4, 2018, and suggested that “Playing for More” is about “God’s story and we’re trying to show a little piece of what He’s done in our lives,” noted the FCA press release. “You can’t deny that God’s got his fingerprints all over it,” said Keenum.

According to the FCA press release, Keenum’s faith became real in college, when things got much tougher than they were in high school.

“I wasn’t a fun person to be around,” he noted. “I made football everything. I wanted to put so much into it and be competitive. I wasn’t healthy as a person—emotionally, physically and spiritually. I felt like if I wasn’t as good of a football player, I wasn’t good all around.”

But with the help of Mikado Hinson, an FCA chaplain, noted  the FCA press release, Keenum learned to “be a better believer and have a stronger faith.”

Now in the NFL, Keenum has learned he’s not alone in his walk with Jesus. There are “a lot of solid guys in the NFL,” Keenum told FCA. “It’s cool to see guys at the highest level of the sport unashamed with their faith first of all, but also unwavering in their faith. These guys don’t only talk about their faith, they live it out with their families, on their teams, and as men of God. And, they’re sharing their experiences and helping younger guys like me try to do the same thing. I’m definitely encouraged.”

Keenum also told FCA that “[w]e’re all called to be disciples,” according to Matthew 28, and suggested that making disciples is “not just for pastors, deacons and elders” but “for all of us.” He encouraged further, “So whether you work for FCA, you’re a football player, a businessman, a teacher, make disciples. It’s what those guys [Keenum’s former  and current coaches] are doing with me; they’re getting filled up, they’re filling me up, and now I’m trying to pass it on.”

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