Ben Shapiro: Trump Summit with Kim Either ‘Greatest Move of All Time’ or a ‘Debacle’

By Michael Morris | June 12, 2018 | 12:43pm EDT
Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Wire and host of "The Ben Shapiro Show" Ben Shapiro (left) and President Donald Trump shaking hands with North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un at a summit in Singapore (right) (Screenshots)

Editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire Ben Shapiro told his audience that President Trump’s summit with Kim Jong Un is either the “greatest move of all time” or a “debacle” on his daily Facebook Live podcast “The Ben Shapiro Show” Tuesday.

“So, if the White House knows something that we don’t, if the White House actually has some sort of verifiable regime of dismantlement coming, then this is the greatest move of all time,” stated Ben Shapiro. “If they don’t, then it’s a debacle.”

Ben  Shapiro’s remarks came after President Donald Trump met with North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un, who signed a document agreeing to “work towards complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.”

Below is a transcript of Ben Shapiro’s comments from his show on Tuesday:

“This was the big question: Was President Trump going to be handing Kim Jong Un a public relations victory by going over and hanging out with him, or was he going to get some serious concessions?

“Now, we don’t know the answer to that yet.

“And this is my note of caution: We don’t know yet.

“So, what you’re hearing from a lot of folks on the right is ‘Triump! Nobel Prize. Everything great has already happened.’ Nothing great has happened.

“In fact, right now, the ledger is stacked in favor of Kim Jong Un because we just handed them a massive PR victory.

“We’ll go through the PR victory and all the mistakes that were made over the last 36 hours and handing them a PR victory.

“Now, all those mistakes turn to gold if Kim Jong Un actually wants to denuclearize. So, if the White House knows something that we don’t, if the White House actually has some sort of verifiable regime of dismantlement coming, then this is the greatest move of all time. If they don’t, then it’s a debacle.


“Okay? There really is no in-between. There’s no in-between position where Trump goes over there and makes nice and plays kissy face with Kim Jong Un and doesn’t get anything out of him or it’s not a debacle. And on the other hand, if he gets what he wants from Kim Jong Un, then, obviously, everything is justified.

“But right now, everybody is jumping to their various positions.

“ You got folks on the right, and they’re jumping to the position that Donald Trump has done something masterful. ‘It’s a masterstroke. It’s genius. MAGA, MAGA 3D underwater chess upside-down.

“Alright? And how do we know that? Well, because Trump’s doing it. Alright? If Obama had done the same thing, we would’ve gone nuts. Alright? If Obama had gone over to Singapore and hung out with Kim Jong Un and stacked the American flag alongside the flag of North Korea, we would’ve gone crazy because the flag of North Korea is the modern-day equivalent of the swastika. Okay? Imagine that Kim Jong Un is Hitler, and you understand a little bit better why it might not be a great idea to have all these photo-ops with a guy without receiving any sort of serious concessions in the first place.

“So, on the right they’re jumping to, ‘Everything is great. Everything’s going to be fine. No downside. All terrific.

“And on the left they’re jumping to, ‘This is the worst thing that has ever happened in the history of the world.’ The same people who were cheering on Obama for signing the world’s worst nuclear deal with Iran are now saying that President Trump has done something terrible by meeting with Kim Jong Un, even though the real concessions made at this meeting are not particularly strong.

“Right? He didn’t actually commit to virtually anything. He committed to a few things. None of them are good, but we don’t know yet.”

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