'Ex-Gays Prove Change is Possible' Billboards Spark Controversy in Texas

By Melanie Arter | September 19, 2016 | 3:43pm EDT
(AP Photo)

A series of billboards in Waco, Texas, suggesting that a person’s homosexuality can change will come down in October when the group’s contract expires and won’t be erected again, according a local TV station.

KTRE-TV reported Sunday that the founder of an activist group called Interwaco called the billboard owner, Swift Media, to complain about the billboard’s message: “Ex-Gays prove change is possible.”

The billboard also includes the website, which links to the Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity, which promotes “principled advocates for persons experiencing unwanted homosexual attractions.”

“The people that own that company don't want any controversy. They don't want to fall down on either side when I explained to them what reparative therapy is... they had no idea," Carmen Saenz, founder of Interwaco, said, adding that the billboard cast a negative light on the city.

The billboard was rented by the group Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX), a non-profit group “committed to helping ex-gays and parents and friends of gays who want help, hope and community.”

"What we want to let people know is that there is hope if you are unhappy with your sexual orientation. There is no scientific evidence to suggest you are born that way. If you are unhappy you can change," PFOX Executive Director Regina Griggs told KTRE-TV.

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