Sen. Cruz: Biden Doesn't Understand Taliban; They 'Are Terrorists Who Want to Kill Us'

Megan Williams | September 16, 2021 | 5:06pm EDT
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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) (Getty Images)
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) (Getty Images)

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said the Biden administration does not understand that “the Taliban does not want to be welcomed into the community of civilized nations; they are vicious terrorists who want to kill us.”

During a hearing about the Afghanistan exit before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday, Senator Cruz explained to Secretary of State Antony Blinken the error in the thought process of accepting a Taliban-governed Afghanistan as a civilized state.

“You are the United States Secretary of State,” said Cruz.  “Just like Jimmy Carter owns the disaster of the Iran hostage crisis, you own this. The Biden administration caused this disaster. It was caused by two things. Number one, ideological naiveté and extremism.”

“Repeatedly, Mr. Secretary, in this hearing, and also on multiple conference calls over the last month, you keep saying things like, ‘The steps the Taliban needs to take to be welcomed into the community of civilized nations,'” said Cruz.  

“Mr. Secretary, they don't want to be welcomed into the community of civilized nations,” added the senator.  “They are terrorists who want to murder us. This administration doesn't understand that. Joe Biden doesn't understand that.”

Echoing his remarks from Tuesday, Cruz wrote in a Sept. 16 commentary, “For officials in the Biden administration to believe that the Taliban wants to be welcomed into the community of civilized nations betrays either their radical ideological extremism or a hopeless naiveté.”

“In the hearing, Secretary Blinken said that none of that equipment [left in Afghanistan] ‘poses a strategic threat to us or their neighbors,’” wrote Cruz.  “That simply does not pass the laugh test when the Taliban are the new owners of potentially 64,000 machine guns, 33 Blackhawk helicopters, 16,000 pairs of night-vision goggles. 

“Unfortunately, I believe we will see American blood spilled because of these foolish mistakes,” he wrote. “It’s a disgrace, and the fault lies directly with President Joe Biden and his administration.”

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