Young Priest Electrifies Huge Crowd in Poland: 'Gospel Not Koran! Gospel Not Koran!'

By Mark Judge | December 11, 2015 | 3:19pm EST

A video of a young Catholic priest giving a speech critical of liberalism and Islam has received over 100,000 views on YouTube.

In November Fr. Jacek Miedlar addressed a crowd - estimated by organizers to be around 50,000 and police to be 25,000 - in Warsaw, Poland. The march was in recognition of Poland's Independence Day, which celebrates the country achieving freedom in 1918 after years of partitioning.

Much of the focus of the rally was on Poland's Catholicism and national pride, and the threat of radical Islam. "Be ready to be spat at," Fr. Miedlar said. "Be ready to be persecuted. But our strength, our courage, is in the one Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!"

Then he called out, "The gospel not Koran!" The crowd then repeated the phrase over and over.

The speech was translated from the Polish by Dorothy Cummings McLean.

Some excerpts:

“Dearly beloved, the enemies of the homeland and the enemies of the Church are furious today because they see a huge, enormous army of patriots, army of nationalists, and army of supporters who have ‘God, Honor, and Fatherland’ in their hearts and are ready to give their lives for them. But I am more than convinced that leftist propaganda is trying its best to destroy us, to destroy the Church, to destroy the Polish nation. We cannot let them do it. We are the Church Militant. We are the warriors of Great Poland. They aren’t even aware that the more they attack us, the more our pride grows!”

Dearly beloved, we’re not afraid of the peaceful Muslims, but they’re a minority. We’re afraid of fundamentalism. We do not want violence, we do not want aggression in the name of Allah…. We must oppose it. We do not want the hatred that is in the Koran, in Surah 5 [expressed for Jews and Christians], but we want the love and truth of the gospel. We want to fight with the sword of love and truth, to which Saint Paul the Apostle calls us in the sixth chapter [of the Epistle] to the Ephesians . The Gospel, and not the Koran!"

“Leftist and Islamic aggression aimed at everything Christian and national makes us very afraid. …  But we’re also afraid that our fear will turn into hatred. And we, as Christians, cannot let this happen. That’s why we, the Christians, want dialogue. But no one wants to talk to us, instead calling us fascists, racists, xenophobes, and infidel dogs. We can never allow this. We don’t want to fight with the hammer of hate they want to push in our hands….We want to fight with the sword of truth. With the sword of love! With the word of the gospel! With the sword that is Jesus Christ, our living Lord and Savior.”

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