Journalist: Adele is Hugely Popular 'Because She Doesn't Do Anything to Alienate Conservative Fans'

By Mark Judge | November 20, 2015 | 1:15pm EST
Singer Adele (AP)

Journalist Kelsey McKinney has a theory for why singer Adele is so popular: Adele "doesn't do anything to alienate conservative fans." 

McKinney offered the theory in a piece on, a site run by Univision Communications and Disney/ABC:

Just like Taylor Swift, Adele can rise to massive levels of popularity because she doesn’t do anything to alienate conservative fans. She doesn’t dress provocatively, or make any kind of social proclamations with her music. It’s kind of funny to call a woman who curses up a storm in every interview inoffensive, but Adele gets away with a lot of things because she’s not American. That swearing can be written off as a Brit thing.

But it’s also not in her music. Anything offensive and edgy about Adele completely evaporates into her songs about feelings. There is nothing about 25 that could possibly keep you from playing it in the car with your 5-year-old or in the living room with your grandmother.

Adele's new album "25" is currently the top selling album on iTunes and Billboard's Hot 100.


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