Duck Dynasty's Korie Robertson: 'We Do Need to Have a President That Does Love God'

By Mark Judge | November 5, 2015 | 10:24am EST

During a recent appearance on the podcast “The Church Boys,” “Duck Dynasty” star Korie Robertson was asked her opinion about how the Obama administration has handled the issue of faith.

Robertson replied:

"Well, I don't think they really have handled faith. I think that they've shied away from it and I think that we are seeing the results of that. When we shy away - when we turn away from God - we do see the results of that. I think we need a turning back to that, our country was founded on that.”

“Now I don’t want a president who legislates Christianity or who legislates morals, I’m absolutely about separation of church and state. I don’t want anybody imposing their beliefs on me, and I don’t think we should have a president [who does that]. But I think we do need to have a president that does love God and honors him and has the values that he tells us [are] right."

Robertson, 42, was discussing her book "Strong and Kind: And Other Important Character Traits Your Child Needs to Succeed" which focuses on helping parents instill character in their children. 

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