Planned Parenthood Releases ‘Gender Pronouns Dos and Don’ts’ Guide

By Lauretta Brown | November 29, 2016 | 12:46pm EST

(Screenshot: YouTube)

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, released a video guide this month called “Gender Pronoun Dos & Don’ts,” that explains “reproductive rights are deeply connected to trans rights, and we’re here for the trans community.”

The video comes in two parts. The first part features an awkward interaction between a waiter and a trans individual in which he mistakenly calls her “sir.”

“Don’t ignore the mistake you’ve made,” the video advises, showing the waiter awkwardly walking away.

“Do apologize for the mistake and move on,” the narrators encourage, showing the waiter apologizing and taking the person’s order.

“Do practice in private,” it encourages, showing a man saying, “Alex is my friend. They like sports. I love playing video games with them. We went to high school together.”

The man is practicing the gender neutral pronoun “they,” presumably in relation to a friend who would prefer to be called that now.

“It may seem silly to you,” the narrator explains, “but if unlearning a friend’s former pronoun is tricky for you, practice makes perfect.”

“Seek out knowledge,” the video concludes. “Just cause you had an awkward situation doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Find resources at places like Planned Parenthood so you can be better informed.”

The second part of the video cautions against awkwardly over-apologizing for the use of the wrong pronoun, advising, “Do apologize once, calmly. Ask what gender pronouns they prefer and then move on.”

Planned Parenthood tweeted out the guide videos with the hashtag #TransAwarenessMonth last week.

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