'View' Defends Acosta as Unbiased, Claims Aide Actually Assaulted Him!

By Kristine Marsh | November 8, 2018 | 4:25pm EST
"The View" (Screenshot)

Yes, you read that correctly. The lunacy of ABC’s The View knows no bounds as liberal hosts Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin turned the suggestion that CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta “assaulted” a White House aide yesterday, into the young aide’s fault. Citing her legal experience, Hostin claimed that the aide was actually in the wrong and could be pressed by Acosta for charges of battery.

Abby Huntsman started off with her middle of the road approach, as usual, saying both President Trump and the press should be embarrased for how they behaved. But Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin blamed the aide of inappropriate behavior:

MEGHAN MCCAIN: I'm also very sensitive to people touching me, as you know, whoopi. I do not like people touching me in general, especially a man in a situation like that.

JOY BEHAR: Well she shouldn't have touched him maybe!


SUNNY HOSTIN: That’s where I came down

McCain argued that if this was a conservative reporter with Obama they wouldn’t have said that. She then slammed Acosta as someone who always made the news about himself. But Hostin came to her former CNN colleague’s defense, ludicrously suggesting the aide had assaulted Acosta:

For me, when I saw that, I mean, I learned very early on that what I saw was battery, not by Jim Acosta, but by the young White House aide. When you are holding something -- if I may, if you're holding something and you snatch this from me, this cup is now an extension of me and that means you've battered me, you've assaulted me.

Huntsman and McCain didn’t let Hostin get away with that bold statement. But they were drowned out by the audience and Whoopi interjecting:

HUNTSMAN: So you're blaming the woman--

MCCAIN:-- in this situation for doing her job? [ Applause ]

HOSTIN: I'm not assigning blame. I'm telling you what the law is.

MCCAIN: So we should get her arrested for battery?

HOSTIN: I'm telling you what the law is.


WHOOPI: Hold on. Finish the -- this is the lawyer, so --

MCCAIN: You better arrest her. I mean, you better --

WHOOPI: Stop, Meghan. Go ahead.

Hostin then went on a lengthy rant about how amazing Acosta is:

[T]he other thing is, when you're talking about Jim Acosta being the headline, if you think about the reporter that Jim Acosta is, Jim Acosta is a reporter who covered the war in Iraq from he's a reporter that has covered many campaigns, Mitt Romney's campaigns. He's covered politics for a long time. He has, you know, been -- he's asked very difficult questions of world leaders his entire career. He's the first foreign journalist in 50 years -- his father was a Cuban refugee. He actually in Cuba held Raul Castro to account for the human rights violations in Cuba. So this is a journalist who has spent his career doing what I think the great journalists do which is holding power to account for their actions.

Before adding this whopper of a lie:

“He's done it with Obama and he's done it with Trump. Trump doesn't like it!” she stated.

Actually that’s completely false, as NewsBusters has demonstrated here.

Whoopi ended the segment by claiming that Acosta was just defending himself against the attacks by President Trump. “I don't know how long I could be a nice person if I got my face yelled at constantly that I was fake and a liar and a terrible person,” she stated.

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