Mark Levin: Keep Alexander Hamilton on $10 Bill

Kathleen Brown
By Kathleen Brown | June 22, 2015 | 4:08 PM EDT

Alexander Hamilton on the 10 dollar bill. (AP Photo)

Nationally syndicated radio host Mark Levin said that Obama’s Treasury Department would “whitewash American history” if it removed the image of Alexander Hamilton -- abolitionist, Founding Father and first Secretary of the Treasury -- from the $10 bill.

“We should put somebody on the $10 bill who opposed slavery...when others supported it,” Levin said on his Friday broadcast, calling it “sickeningly ironic” that the first black president would direct the Treasury to replace Hamilton.

Here is the full transcript of what Levin said:

“I really think when it comes to the $10 bill, we should put somebody on that $10 bill who opposed slavery. We should put somebody on the $10 bill who opposed slavery -- who opposed slavery when others supported it. And that would be Alexander Hamilton, who is currently on the $10 bill.

“Did you know Alexander Hamilton was an abolitionist of sorts? Do you know that he helped found and promote an organization in New York to help slaves who escaped or were freed from the South and the territories? Did you know that?

“And we’re gonna take him off the $10 bill? Our first black president has directed his Treasury Department to remove Alexander Hamilton from the $10 bill?

“Notice they won’t remove Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill. I’m not saying they should, but notice that was the scuttlebutt. Do you know why they won’t remove Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill? This is my theory, anyway.

“Because every year the Democrats hold their big fundraisers in towns and counties and states across the country. They call them Jefferson-Jackson dinners. They have nothing in common with Jefferson. But Jackson, well they can’t remove him from a $20 bill. How would that make them feel at their Jefferson-Jackson dinners?

“So there’s nobody here to defend Hamilton. I had a lot of differences, or do, with Hamilton. But he was a great man. He actually opposed slavery. He was a white man and white founder who opposed slavery. And of course, he did more than that, didn’t he? That was just one of his great positions.

“Alexander Hamilton. We revere The Federalist Papers, don’t we? Why do we revere The Federalist Papers? Because they are the most dispositive statements at the time explaining the new republic. Hamilton wrote the vast majority of them... 

“He was also Washington’s most trusted aide to camp during the Revolutionary War. He was also the first Secretary of the Treasury, who set up the currency and insisted that we pay down the debt. He was much more of a central government advocate than I would have liked, but so what?

“We’re gonna take him off the $10 bill? Obama’s Treasury is taking him off the $10 bill to whitewash American history. And because there’s no defenders of Hamilton out there -- there’s no constituency group.

“Good lord, I tell ya. The paper ain’t worth a damn anyway, quite frankly. But it is amazing, isn’t it?

“Hamilton, who opposed slavery, that was surrounded by men -- some supported it, some just couldn’t bring themselves at that time to fight it, because there wouldn’t have been a union. Hamilton goes back to New York, well actually before the Constitutional Convention in 1785, is one of the founders of the society in New York to abolish slavery throughout the new country, and we’re gonna take him off the $10 bill.

“How sickeningly ironic, that that’s what the first black president is going to do. And how sickeningly ironic that it’s discussed the same week as the slaughter of nine parishioners who are black. Not Jackson, but Hamilton.

“And I’ve just told you things that Barack Obama doesn’t even know, or that most talk-show hosts or TV commentators don’t know. Instead, it’s ‘who would you like to see on the $10 bill?’ I’d like to see Alexander Hamilton.

“I mean he was wearing a wig, he had long hair. A lot of people should support that these days, don’t you think, Mr. Producer? No, I don’t think we would change his name to Caitlyn, but nonetheless, there you have it.”

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