Whitney Houston Most Searched Item on Google; Houston Rockets Point Guard Top Athelete

By Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr. | December 12, 2012 | 12:01pm EST

Whitney Houston is the most searched item on Google this year, according to a recently published list on the company's website entitled, "Zeitgeist ('a sign of the times') 2012."

Google, the number one search engine on the internet, reported a total of 1.2 trillion searches throughout the year in 146 different languages.

The top ten items searched this year are as follows:

  1. Whitney Houston
  2. Gangnam Style
  3. Hurricane Sandy
  4. iPAD3
  5. Diablo 3
  6. Kate Middleton
  7. Olympics 2012
  8. Amanda Todd
  9. Michael Clarke Duncan
  10. BBB12

According to Google's list, the number one "Image" search was for "One Direction," an English-Irish boy band.  The top athlete was Houston Rockets point guard, Jeremy Lin.

The top searched movie of 2012 was "The Hunger Games" and the top television show was "BBB12."

Hurricane Sandy topped the list in the "Events" category and the top hashtag searched this year was #SOPA, short for "Stop Online Piracy Act."

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