Rush: Republicans 'Content To Let Herman Cain Twist In The Wind' For Fear Of Media

Grant M. Dahl
By Grant M. Dahl | November 1, 2011 | 11:12 AM EDT

Speaking of the allegations against Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, Rush Limbaugh said yesterday that the Republicans do not fight back because they fear the media and so they are “content to let Cain twist in the wind.”

“A lot of people think the Democrats win every one of these (attempts to smear Republican conservative candidates), every one of these attempts because the Republicans never fight back and the reason they don’t is this!” said Limbaugh.

“They don’t want to have happen to them what is happening to Herman Cain,” Limbaugh said.

“(The Republicans) are content to let Herman Cain twist in the wind out there, all by himself and if he can survive it, get out of it himself, that’s fine.”

He went on to note that Republicans have seemingly been the exclusive target of famous media hit jobs on politicians:

Limbaugh then added:“Have you noticed by the way folks, that all of these terms, like ‘Borked,’ ‘Palined,’ ‘Thomased.’ “There are never any Democrats’ names that describe being personally destroyed by the media?”

“Only Republican names. Somebody got ‘Borked.’ But, nobody ever said: ‘Yeah somebody got Kennedyed.’ Nobody said they got Weinered.”

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