George Washington University Dean: Trump 'America's First Nazi-in-Chief'

Gage Cohen | August 17, 2017 | 4:44pm EDT
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GWU Dean Reuben Brigety

On Thursday, the George Washington University's Elliott School of International Affairs shared an article written by the school's Dean, Reuben Brigety, entitled "Donald Trump is a Nazi Sympathizer."

In the article, published by Foreign Policy and promoted by the university, Dean Brigety explicitly calls the President of the United States "America's first Nazi-supporting president" and the "Nazi-in-chief."

"For the first time in our history, a Nazi sympathizer occupies the Oval Office," Dean Brigety writes. "His comments during a press conference on August 15 in which he spontaneously reiterated his support for white supremacist protesters left the world slack-jawed in disbelief and forced a stark moral choice upon senior officials in his administration: vigorously denounce the heinous views of the man they serve, or be forever linked to America's first Nazi-supporting president."

In his article, Brigety claims that the President had drawn a moral equivalence between "Neo-Nazi White Supremacists" and "those protesting their message of racial hatred." But, Trump appeared to be referring to the violence also committed by "Antifa," a group that, while it claims to be against fascism, has rioted, started fires, and bludgeoned those with whom they disagree all around the country.

"In essence, Trump definitely showed the world who he is. And we should believe him," Dean Brigety continued. "The unprecedented situation that we currently face, however, is that the elected government of the day is now led by a Nazi- and white-nationalist sympathizer."

Brigety goes on to write short open letters to members of the administration, asking them how they are able to do their jobs when "the President you serve refuses to call the white supremacist the terrorists that they are" and "who embraces the latter-day Nazi spawn of the greatest evil the world has ever seen."

He concludes with "three choices" administration officials have for dealing with "the President's exposed racist character":

  1. Condemn President Trump's statement,
  2. Resign in protest, or
  3. "Continue to serve this fundamentally flawed man" and explain "why you chose to silently serve America's first Nazi-in-chief."

Two hours after the article was published, it was shared by the school's official twitter account with the caption "@realDeanB shares his thoughts on #Trump, for @ForeignPolicy #ElliottProud #WeAreElliott Read here."

Reuben E. Brigety served as U.S. ambassador to the African Union prior to joining George Washington University.


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