Biden and Pelosi Disrespect the Eucharist

Fr. Frank Pavone
By Fr. Frank Pavone | March 20, 2013 | 1:55 PM EDT

At a Mass during which our new Pope emphasized the duty public officials - and all the rest of us - have to protect the weakest among us, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi have the audacity to receive Communion while publicly renouncing their responsibility to protect the weakest among us.

Some Church leaders mistakenly think we are advocating the use of the Eucharist as a "weapon." In fact, we are defending the Eucharist from being used as a political tool.

These politicians have no respect for what the Eucharist means: an integral, consistent union with Christ and with all our brothers and sisters. To receive Christ while rejecting the unborn is a slap in the face to both.

Editor's Note: Fr. Frank Pavone is the national director of Priests for Life.

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Fr. Frank Pavone
Fr. Frank Pavone
Father Frank Pavone is the national director of Priests for Life.

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