Satanic Display Set Up Near Nativity

By Eric Scheiner | December 7, 2016 | 12:31pm EST

WPEC-TV reports that a Boca Raton, Florida community is in disbelief after a pentagram display reading, "In Satan we trust", is placed in the middle of Sanborn Square.

The display reads, "Celebrate Winter Solstice" and "Hail Satan, Not Gods."

The display is set up between a Christmas Tree and a Nativity scene.

The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation is behind the satanic display.

On their Facebook page they wrote, "Away with the manger, in with Solstice. If there will be religious symbols, there will be atheistic and secular messages as well."

According the Sun Sentinel, the man who built the structure is Preston Smith, a teacher for Palm Beach City Schools.

"This monument to Satan … serves as a sacred memorial for the countless freethinking heretics, heroic heathens and brave blasphemers brutally burned alive at the stake in city squares by righteous believers not long ago," Smith told the Sun Sentinel. "Love trumps hate."

The display is expected to stay up through Christmas since the park is government property.

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