New Apple Emojis – Pistol is Out, Pride Flag is In

By Eric Scheiner | August 2, 2016 | 8:38am EDT

CNN is reporting that Apple is replacing its pistol emoji with a green water gun in the next version of its iPhone and iPad operating system, iOS 10.

The company announced a series of new emojis on Monday including new female athletes, a pride flag, and emojis that show women doing jobs like detective, construction worker, and police officer.

Last year, an organization called New Yorkers Against Gun Violence started a campaign to get Apple to replace its version of the pistol emoji. It launched a site,

A video produced by the group says, “And by removing the gun emoji, we’ll show America wants stricter access to real guns.”

The water gun swap is not Apple’s first venture into emoji gun control.  A proposed rifle emoji was rejected earlier this year. 

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