NE Patriot: Football is a Platform to Show 'Love of Christ'

Eric Scheiner
By Eric Scheiner | November 4, 2016 | 3:05 PM EDT


Matthew Slater of The New England Patriots (AP Photo)


“The way I look at football, it’s a tremendous opportunity not only to play a game that I love and provide for my family; it gives me a platform for what I believe is the most important thing, and that’s reaching people, connecting with people, building relationships and trying to show them the love of Christ,” Matthew Slater says in a recent article on

“I’ve always looked at football as a gift. It’s a vehicle that the Lord has given me to reach people.”

The New England Patriots special teams player and wide receiver has been very public about his faith even though the cameras don’t always catch his prayers on the field.

After every game, win or lose, you’ll find Matthew on the field locked hand in hand with opponents and teammates alike. As the stands empty and the teams retreat to their respective locker rooms, Matthew leads players in prayer before leaving the field, the Medium article states.

As a Christian, Matthew has always let his faith and beliefs shine — never taking credit for his accomplishments and acknowledging that he is “not a self-made man.” But he doesn’t just say it; he lives it.

Though his religious beliefs were cemented at a young age, it wasn’t until Matthew got older that he was able to personalize his journey and understand how his faith would shape his world. He wanted it to become who he was at his core.

Matthew Slater leads a prayer with both Patriots and Bills players after a game at Gillette Stadium on Oct. 2. (AP Photo)

“I realized the love that Christ had for me, and it became real in my life. I tried to take that and apply it in every area of my life,” Slater says.

Other players on the Patriots say Slater’s faith has an impact on the locker room.

“As soon as you walk in the locker room he sticks out — his professionalism, his faith. I think that’s what draws people to him. You want to be more like Slate when you come in this locker room,” safety Devin McCourty says.

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