Mayor Invites Trump Protestors to Rally, Calls Them ‘Morons’

Eric Scheiner | February 1, 2017 | 3:47pm EST
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Mayor Joseph Petty speaks to protestors he invited to rally at City Hall. (screen grab

Worcester, Massachusetts Mayor Joseph Petty (D) confirmed on Wednesday that he insulted hundreds of protestors he invited to City Hall by calling them “morons” multiple times.

According to, on Tuesday the mayor had invited hundreds of people from around the region to protest outside City Hall against a recent executive order on immigration enacted by President Donald Trump. Some of those protestors ended up taking their acticvities inside City Hall just as the meeting was set to start.

The protestors’ yells and chants delayed the start of the City Council meeting that was set to take up a resolution regarding sanctuary city status.

"Freakin' morons," Petty was caught saying on mic. "Morons, morons, morons."

The mayor Wednesday issued a statement apologizing, saying that he was "caught in a moment of frustration."

On his website, the mayor posted his Tuesday night speech to the protestors outside of City Hall.

It says, “Worcester is a welcoming city and it always will be.

“How many here understand that the President and his allies here in our city will try to use words to divide us.” 

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