City Councilwoman Says 'Wheely Wheely Good' Food Truck is Racist

By Eric Scheiner | October 12, 2016 | 11:05am EDT


Screenshot of photo from Philadelphia Councilwoman-at-Large Helen Gym's Twitter account.

Philadelphia Magazine reports city Councilwoman-at-Large Helen Gym is upset about a food truck with the name “Wheely Wheely Good.”

Wheely Wheely Good was at a recent catering gig when the owners of the truck encountered the Democratic legislator.

“She approached our truck while we were working and started to argue with my partner and me,” recalls Wheely Wheely Good co-owner Alanna Li. “She told us, ‘Your truck’s name is super-racist.’ She used those words,” according to Philadelphia Magazine.

Li says that Gym also took umbrage at the Asian caricatures painted on the truck, as well as the typeface used in the design. Li says the caricatures are cartoon versions of her and her partner, Bailin Chen.

Gym took the issue to social media, tweeting a photo of her daughter holding a sign that read “RACISM SUCKS! AND SO DOES THIS” with an arrow pointing at the truck. Li says that when the event was over, she realized that the sign had been stuck on the back of the truck.

Philadelphia Magazine says their attempts to speak with Gym about the issue were refused.

Li and Chen claim that Gym threatened to make it difficult for the company in the city if they didn't change thier name and design.

The coverage of the food truck has led to the Republican City Committee headquarters hiring Wheely Wheely Good to cater a presidential debate watch event next week.

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