Brian Williams: ‘My Biggest Worry Is That a Fact Will Get By Me’

By Eric Scheiner | February 9, 2015 | 10:56am EST

In a November 2004 interview with C-Span, NBC’s Brian Williams said, “My biggest worry is that a fact will get by me.”

During the interview Williams talked about his passion for reading, “When I come back from vacation it’s not often to tell the person who is bringing in the paper at our house to –that we - it’s not uncommon rather, to save them all and I’ll sit down and get through every newspaper.”

“It’s just a thing I have. My biggest worry is that a fact will get by me. That there will be a fact in the ether as you speak of out there that I won’t know about. I hate that feeling.”

The 2004 interview was conducted just days before Williams was to take over the anchor chair for NBC’s Nightly News.

Williams has temporarily removed himself from the anchor chair at NBC. The move follows an apology he made last week for falsely claiming he was on a helicopter forced down by combatant fire in 2003, during the invasion in Iraq.

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