Democrat Staffer Calls For Taking GOP ‘To the Guillotines’

Emily Ward | October 18, 2018 | 12:53pm EDT
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Minnesota Democratic staffer William Davis wrote a Facebook comment last week joking that Democrats should bring Republicans “to the guillotines.” Also, in the last seven days, two GOP candidates in Minnesota were attacked, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

Davis, a communications staffer in the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL), wrote, “11.7 – bring them to the guillotines,” referring to Nov. 7, the day after the 2018 midterm elections. The DFL is affiliated with the Democratic Party. 

Davis’ comment was in response to an Oct. 10 post by Facebook user Jeffrey Lemkin that read, “10.31 – Halloween; 11.2 – Day of the Dead; 11.4 – set your clocks back; 11.6 – take your country back.”

Davis has since deleted the comment. He has also been temporarily suspended without pay by the DFL, according to the Free Beacon.

However, Minnesota Republican Party Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan is “calling for his immediate firing in the aftermath of separate attacks against Republican candidates,” the Free Beacon wrote.

One of these candidates is Sarah Anderson, a Minnesota state representative who “was punched in the arm after spotting a man destroying Republican yard signs” on Sunday, Oct. 14, according to the Free Beacon.


The other was Minnesota state representative candidate Shane Mekeland, who “suffered a concussion after getting sucker punched while speaking with constituents at a restaurant in Benton County,” the Free Beacon reported. Mekeland has also “suffered memory loss” after the assault, which occurred Friday evening, Oct. 12.

On his campaign Facebook page, Mekeland said he never expected to be physically attacked over politics.

“While I had never met my assailant, the words he yelled at me before he attacked led me to believe his actions were politically motivated. When I chose to run for office, I expected to be politically attacked, but never physically,” Mekeland wrote on Sunday, Oct. 14.

Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party communications employee William Davis.
(Screenshot: ABC 6 News, KAAL TV.) 

“I think we all need a reminder to be civil to each other regardless of our perspectives,” he added.

Carnahan, who has “received death threats from liberals” after being elected to “run the Republican Party of Minnesota,” condemned political violence from the “left” on Facebook.

“The overt hatred and violence that has become prevalent … is unlawful, unacceptable and downright scary,” she wrote on Tuesday.

Carnahan denounced Davis’ comment.

“The fact that a MN DFL staffer said all Republicans should be in a guillotine is abhorrent. Last time I checked, Game of Thrones was just a fictional television show. We live in the United States of America. What’s next?” she asked.

Game of Thrones is an HBO television series known for its shocking political violence.

Kory Wood, General Consultant for Minnesota Attorney General candidate Doug Wardlow, called Davis’ comment “disgusting and appalling.”

“The comments made by William Davis are disgusting and appalling. The call for decapitation of members of the Republican Party has no place in our politics. This is a new low,” he said in a statement.

According to the Free Beacon, the DFL “did not respond” to the newspaper’s requests for comment.

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