Bolton on Levin: Iran Is a ‘Direct Threat’ to US, and ‘We Need to Protect Ourselves’

By Emilie Cochran and Michael Morris | August 8, 2018 | 11:27am EDT
President Donald Trump's National Security Advisor John Bolton (left) and nationally syndicated radio talk show host, TV host, author and American lawyer Mark Levin (right) (Screenshot)

On his nationally syndicated radio talk show Tuesday, host Mark Levin interviewed President Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton who said that Iran Is a “Direct Threat to the United States,” and “we need to protect ourselves.”

“Well, they’re a direct threat to the United States in that respect,” President Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton said about Iran’s development of nuclear weapons. “They’re a direct threat given their financing of terrorists around the world.”

Later in Levin’s program, Bolton continued, “Iran is America’s enemy. They’ve declared it in multiple ways, and we need to protect ourselves.”

National Security Advisor Bolton’s remarks on Mark Levin’s show came a day after President Donald Trump restored “many sanctions on the Iranian, regime” with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani responding “distrustfully to his recent offer of talks, calling it an attempt to create divisions within Iran and to win support at home ahead of the midterm congressional elections,” reported

Below is a transcript of John Bolton and Mark Levin’s remarks from The Mark Levin Show Friday:

Mark Levin: “What do you say to these code pink, I call them, ‘code pink Republicans’ or pseudo-conservatives that say, ‘Iran is none of our business,’ when, in fact, they’re trying to build nuclear weapons and ICBMs that can reach our own country?”

John Bolton: “Well, they’re a direct threat to the United States in that respect. They’re a direct threat given their financing to terrorists around the world.

“When I, when I call Iran the ‘central banker of terrorism,’ that’s simply a statement of fact. Over the years, since the 1979 revolution that brought Ayatollah Khomeini to power, Iran has given more in financial aid to terrorist groups of all sorts all around the world than anybody else. Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Hezbollah in Lebanon, the various radical militia in Iraq, and they’ve even aided their sworn enemy the Taliban if they thought it would hurt the United States.

“They threaten our friends in the region: Israel, friendly Arab states. They are a global threat, and if you can’t see that, really, you need to, need to see an eye doctor.”


Levin: “How many American soldiers do we know that the Iranians were responsible for killing in the Iraq war?”

Bolton: “Well, just in the past ten years that number is estimated at around 2,000 killed and wounded. And that’s from explosive devices that they constructed in Iran and brought into Iraq from the training they’ve given from actual combat.

“Look, this goes back a long way. If you remember the attack on the marine barracks in late 1983 during the Reagan administration, that attack was carried out by a predecessor group to Hezbollah under the direct command of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps. So, it goes back that far, I think.

“I think, American veterans from various Iraq campaigns will tell you how they were restrained, especially in the Obama administration, from telling the truth about who was supplying the militias and terrorists who were attacking them. Iran is America’s enemy. They’ve declared it in multiple ways, and we need to protect ourselves.”

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