Sen. Sessions: Congress Should Block Funds For Illegal Amnesty Facility

By Craig Millward | December 8, 2014 | 2:35pm EST

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) says he’s hopeful the House will block funds for an illegal amnesty facility.

During an appearance on Fox News on Sunday, Sessions was asked about his concerns on the government funding measure in the House.

Sessions said the spending measure would be too big to be addressed effectively.

“There's going to be thousands of pages passed, maybe Monday night in the House," Sessions said.

"What we do know is that it will allow the President to move money around and fund his executive amnesty program. We just discovered last week that they’re renting a building across the river here in Crystal City, hiring a thousand people to process these identifications of illegal people.”

“They will be given a photo ID, a Social Security number, allowed to participate in Social Security and Medicare, and be able to work anywhere in America, taking any job in America,” Sessions continued. “We don’t have enough jobs today - and this will be 5 million people. So I was hoping, and still hope, that the House will put real language in the bill that controls that."

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