You Think ‘the Rape, Trauma and Abuse…Is Worth It, as Long as Your Ideology Wins,’ Matt Walsh Tells LGBTQ Activists

Craig Bannister | January 24, 2022 | 11:59am EST
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Matt Walsh

“I think you are narcissists and bullies,” conservative commentator Matt Walsh responded after two married non-binary LGBTQ activists claimed they were driven to nightmares and depression because Walsh challenged their ideology on the “Dr. Phil” show last week.

“It sounds like your conscience is trying to tell you something,” Walsh tells activists Addison and Ethan in a social media video:



“I think you represent something that is, not only anti-scientific and irrational, but evil. And, I think you have evil intentions. I think that you are bad people. And, I think you are neither correct nor well-meaning.

“And, if one person in the whole world – in your whole life – saying this to you causes you to spiral into depression and be plagued by nightmares, then maybe that should clue you in. It sounds like your conscious is trying to tell you something.”

What’s more, Addison and Ethan don’t care who gets hurt, “as long as your ideology wins the day,” Walsh says, condemning liberals’ harmful open bathroom and transgender sports demands:

“I think you’re completely wrong about everything you say. What’s more, I think you are narcissists and bullies. I think you don’t give a damn about anybody or anything but yourselves.

“I think you advocate for opening up bathrooms and sports teams because, from your perspective, the rape, trauma and abuse that happens as a result is worth it – as long as your ideology wins the day and your self-perceptions are reinforced. Because, that’s all you care about.”

“I encounter more outright hostility in a day than you have in your whole life,” Walsh tells the two LGBTQ activists:

“You see, people scream at me and say the most horrible things about myself and my family. I encounter more outright hostility in a day than you have in your whole life. I guarantee you that.

“I didn’t have the audience clapping for me. You did. And, yet, I’ve slept like a baby every night since that taping. That’s because I know I’m standing in the truth, not just factually, but morally. You don’t have the same self-assurance.

“Well, maybe then, you should you should look within yourself – that’s all you ever do, anyway. You’re constantly staring back into yourself, shouting into the cavern of your own ego, listening to the echo. Well, while you’re in there, maybe try a bit of actual introspection. It might serve you well.”

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