White House Website Employs Gun Control Pop-Up Ad

Craig Bannister | April 12, 2013 | 10:21am EDT
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The official White House website ( now has a pop-up ad for gun control blocking visitors from getting to its homepage.

The pop-up ad declares, "Now Is The Time To Do Something About Gun Violence" and "Our voices are louder when we speak together."

White House website pop-up ad touts gun control.

It also calls readers to "Learn More" by clicking on a link to an advocacy page where supporters can "Use the simple tool to pre-set a post to Twitter and/or Facebook that will publish simultaneously with thousands of others."

The White also sent an e-mail to supporters today inviting them to visit the social media page and employ the tool.

Given Americans' distain for annoying pop-up ads that distract and delay them as they browse the Web, it'll be interesting to see if the White House pop-up successfully drums up support for the president's gun control initiatives.

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