Watch: Naked Man Jumps on Moving Truck, Stabs Roof, Attacks Driver

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | December 14, 2017 | 12:49 PM EST

Naked man caught on camera attacking moving truck. (Screenshot)

On a frigid highway Tuesday, a man stripped naked, jumped on top of a moving truck, attacked the drive and began stabbing the roof with a knife.

The man, who had been involved in a three-car accident, was caught on camera by onlookers, NBC Washington reports:

“A man stripped naked and jumped onto a moving truck in freezing temperatures Tuesday near Washington Dulles International Airport, officials say and stunning video shows.

“Shocked drivers stopped their cars to gawk at the man's rampage and record it on their cellphones, backing up traffic on Route 28 in Fairfax County, Virginia.”

The naked attacker, who has been identified as 32 year-old Jose Gonzalez Flores, was later found in a drainage ditch, arrested and taken to a hospital. He faces a list of charges, ranging from indecent exposure and felony hit-and-run to assault and marijuana possession.


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