Vernon Jones: ‘My Life Was Threatened’ Leaving WH, ‘Where Is the Liberal Media? Why Haven’t They Reached Out to Me?’

By Craig Bannister | August 31, 2020 | 9:59am EDT
State Rep. Vernon Jones (D-Ga.)

On Sunday, Democrat Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones posted a video recalling how he was “met by a violent mob” and feared for his life when as he left Pres. Donald Trump’s White House speech last Thursday.

“Let me be clear: my life was threatened,” Rep. Jones, a Trump supporter, says in the video posted on his Twitter page. Jones goes on the blast the liberal media for claiming the leftist protests are “mostly peaceful”: “Where the hell were they when my life was threatened and others’ lives were threatened.”

"I was ambushed leaving the White House by a left-wing mob for proudly supporting @realDonaldTrump," Rep. Jones tweeted, introducing the video:

“I’m just here and just thinking about, and playing over and over in my mind about what happened when we left the White House, after the president had given his great speech on his record and what he had accomplished for the country the first four years and what he wanted to do for America the next four years - only to be met by a violent mob of supporters of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. These were Democrats, Black Lives Matter, Antifa folks. And, what they were doing and the threats…

“And, by the way, let me be clear: my life was threatened and others’ lives were threatened. And, when I hear that foolishness from the liberal media that it was ‘mostly peaceful’ - where the hell were they when my life was threatened and others’ lives were threatened?”

“Thank God for those peace officers” who protected him and others from the mob, Jones says – adding that top Democrats like Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) who have turned their backs on the police “are out of their minds”:

“Thank God for those peace officers – because, if it had not been for them, I don’t know if I would be talking to you now or any other time.

“And, when I hear Joe Biden and the Democratic Party and Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris turn their backs on law enforcement – they are out of their minds.”

“And, where is the liberal media?” Rep. Jones asked again, noting that if “Biden supporters were attacked by Trump supporters, it would have been all over the networks”:

“And, where is the liberal media? Why haven’t they reached out to me and the others and allowed us to share our experiences, the threats that we experience so the American people can see first-hand what happened?”

Answering his own question, Jones said that media won’t cover the mob threats and violence because they, Biden and Harris want to see the cities destroyed – so they can blame it on Pres. Trump:

“But, they won’t, because they support with the Democrats and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the destruction of our cities. They want to see it demolished so they can blame it on Donald Trump.

“If this had been the other way around, and Biden supporters were attacked by Trump supporters, it would have been all over the networks.

“But, that’s okay. You and I know that there’s only one person and one force that stands between chaos and community, and that’s Donald Trump and his leadership. So, let’s be a part of that silent majority, if you’re Black, White, Democrat, Republican. Let’s go elect Donald Trump and let’s save America. Thank you.”

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